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Small Israel has probably more attractions per square meter than any other country, and it doesn't charge an arm and a leg to see them. For history and breadth of scenery, few places in the world can match it.
Here's what you need to know before going to Madrid.
The new resort area of Costa do Sauipe is heading towards becoming the Cancun of South America. But, for now, there are only a few luxury hotels on some of the continent's most stunning beaches. There is no better time to visit Costa do Sauipe than now!
Rarely do I look at lower prices in the air as a bad thing. But I admit to a little trepidation about one new development: for many people, those seatback phones in airplanes are now becoming affordable.
Chiang Mai is filled with many cooking schools, but the one stood out: Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School. Established in 1993, the school is run by husband-and-wife team Sompon and Elizabeth Nabnian.
If you're one of those people who can afford to stay in a hotel for a week or more, you already know that you should negotiate lower nightly rates on that basis alone. Be prepared for significant savings.
We've got deals for getaways to Ecuador (including the Galapagos Islands), practically unknown Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and more.
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Eilat Underwater
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Reader's Voice
From Lynda Self: "I'd love to find out who has had their miles deleted from their account for inactivity. I have received notices for my (minor) daughter's account informing her that her miles will expire and that she can redeem them for magazines (which, in turn, kept her account active.) I thought my husband's account was active but yet when I went to book a ticket was told that 22,000 miles had been deleted (they left 10,000) for inactivity. He never received a notice."
From Jan G: "With all the travel experiences out there among Frommer's readers, anyone have treasures they'd like to share? We are eloping in May, spending the most time on Santorini and Crete, and a little time in Athens. We've already booked hotels but we'd welcome tidbits on restaurants, great views/beaches, experiences, you name it. (Would also welcome a recommendation for a GREAT Santorini photographer.)"
From Alice Klobukowski: "My husband and I would like to take our son and his family on a short (3 to 5 day) cruise in early June. How does one go about getting two or three cabins together without breaking the bank? Whenever I try to figure out something on the Internet sites, it just seems so expensive."
From Jan Pascal: "My husband and I will be spending 3 weeks in France this summer. We have heard there are museum and other discounts in France for teachers and students if we take ID's showing school afflilation and position. Is this true? I have been unable to locate any solid info on this."
From Taykat: "How do you feel? I, personally, find it appalling to even have a fleeting thought to take children (under 21) to Las Vegas. There are a billion other places in the world to expose them to. Leave Las Vegas to adults. It's called Sin City for a reason. As much as Vegas has tried to pass itself off as a family friendly place, it's not working and thank the Lord."

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