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The rules of the game keep changing, but we've managed to come up with tips and rules of our own that help you save. Don't buy a plane ticket before reading this.
Springtime holds a special place in skiers' hearts. Pushing down the pang brought on by the end of the season, you can still get the most out of the slopes flying down mountains in T-shirts and goggles -- all at great discounts.
While you might believe in osmosis or think you can best learn a language with a lessons-on-tape approach, nothing beats total immersion. Since 1968, the National Registration Center for Study Abroad has been bringing into a wide array of in-country language programs.
Idyllic shores like Crane Beach, Brighton Beach, Paynes Bay, Brandon's Beach and Paradise Beach await you, so pack your sun block and your bathing suit and enjoy a spring getaway in the sun.
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Save on Spring Skiing
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Reader's Voice
DawnCBUK: "[I'm a] Single female British/American Traveller and wanted to share about some great places to stay when in Slovenia. I'm currently in Bled and staying at the Penzion Berc which is about 150 meters from the Lake. It's a brand new Penzion extension from the old 18th Century Farmhouse which forms the main part of the place. It is incredibily peaceful and really reasonable."
From matteo3rd: "Whenever I meet friends, or stay with someone overseas, I like to give a small gift since they will translate, play tour guide, introduce you to friends and family, and do all those things that are invaluable to someone unfamiliar with their country or language that makes you feel welcome. The question is, has anyone discovered something 'uniquely' American (non-food) that usually goes over well with people (adults) overseas, in particular Europe?"
From pambino15: "I am going to Buenos Aires the last week of March with my boyfriend. We are staying in Recoleta and will be there for 7 nights. We are not sure that there will be enough to do in B.A. for all 7 days. Are there worthwhile side trips that could be done in a day? We are not huge sight seeing people but do want to see the big things."
From piano: "My son and I just returned from our fourth trip to NYC. Wow, how could it get better every time we visit? First of all, we stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square, and for anyone seeing a lot of shows, this location is perfect. The hotel itself was very nice and the staff was excellent."
From Jill Frazee: "We spent a week in Roatan last March and loved it. We stayed with a group of 16 divers at the Inn of Last Resort (they were the only reasonable place that could accommodate our group), and it was very nice. The lodge-type rooms were very comfortable, and the meals were served in a dining hall. One of the bartenders was so friendly he took us exploring the island on his day off."

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