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If we're ever in doubt, and we confess that at times we are, we only need to look into the eyes and smiles of our grandsons, and the tens of thousands of other kids we see on a visit to Orlando, to come to one conclusion: This is a magical place where children and families are the real VIPs.
There are good ways and bad ways to go out of business. This month, the bad way was illustrated by Scottsdale, Arizona-based Discover Wholesale Travel, also known as Aus-Vacations.
Riding the rails is a great idea with the many discounts the US and Canadian national railways provide for kids, students, and seniors.
On the same day in February when President Bush announced the lifting of the US ban on travel to Libya, tour operators immediately got to work, and now it's possible to travel there legally as part of any of the following group tours. Not at budget prices, but legal nonetheless.
Hotels the world over keep coming up with different promotions, and they flood into our office daily. Occasionally, a trend or topic emerges that helps us shape our stories; other times you get a hodge podge of deals.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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From Cat Winslow: "Since the Newsletter this week includes a package offering to Venezuela, I thought I'd write a bit about our experience in November with a similar package, just so others might consider the options first."
From Barbara M.: "Hello. Has anyone had any problems with taking a small, blunt-tipped scissors on airlines? I'm going to be flying on United/Lufthansa to Germany soon and hope to not have to check luggage. The United agent said that this kind of scissors was not on their list of banned items but that each security agent handles things differently! The TSA website says that if you are flying on an international flight to check with the airlines to see what items are permitted. I don't think the right hand is talking to the left hand here!"
From Jane B.: "Some time ago, I asked for suggestions on dealing with swollen feet from flying. I just returned from my first long distance trip using the suggestions provided, to great success. Here's what I did."
From mary b: "I live in southeastern PA and am looking for ideas on where to go that I can drive to. I like the outdoors, no fancy hotels. I was looking into The Smoky Mountains in TN but the more I looked at the nearby attractions the more I felt it was too much of a family type destination. Am I alone in feeling this way?"
From Sally McNamara: "We are searching for volunteer opportunities in Ireland and Spain. I have only found ones that are VERY expensive, and we would still have to work (it's work and pay). Can anyone suggest organizations or places where the cost would be minimal?"

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