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Reflecting the continued peace and quiet of tourism experiences in Egypt for more than six years now, prices are inching up for that land of great bargains, but there are still some to be had. Prices range from as low as about $137 per night, including airfare from New York, for stays of about a week there.
High season fares to Europe are usually just that -- high. But we're starting to see some sales that mitigate the high prices airlines are charging; these sales caught our interest this week.
For budget travelers who don't want to shell out a few dollars a pop for bottled water and adventurous travelers heading to destinations without bottles, we've found a great gadget: the MIOX purifier from Mountain Safety Research
Changes are unavoidable, even in places most protective of their traditions. Here's what's new across Utah.
Only two weeks ago we told you about a variety of bargains in the South Pacific, the quintessential spot for romantics. Now, there is more of the same for Tahiti, extended into spring.
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From Edie Banducci: "I have been trying all week to book a flight from San Francisco to Paris with Orbitz. Every time I do a search I get 4 or 5 flight selections between $569 and $800. Yet, when I select one of these flights, I am told that it's not available or that the airline has increased the price since my last selection. If these flights are never available, why have them listed on the website?"
From Dick Smith: "My wife and I, both in our early 70's, always shied away from organized tours -- until we almost accidentally found out about Adventure Center in Emeryville, CA, www.adventurecenter.com, when we were planning a trip to Morocco a couple years ago. They sold us an Explore tour - and we were hooked! Since then we have booked two more two-week Explore tours in Kenya and Tanzania through Adventure Center, and three G.A.P. tours in Peru and Ecuador, including Galapagos."
From Les Christensen: "I stand 6'8" and have a rough time fitting in airline seats. The ones I can get into my knees are up against the seat in front of me making it impossible for that person to recline. I have gotten to airports as early as possible and told frequent fliers have already taken the bulkhead and emergency exit rows. I'm a teacher so I can't afford 1st class. Does anyone have a solution? Short trips I bite the bullet, but long trips are taking a toll on me."
From puckerbutt: "Just thought I'd share my experience: My husband and I had a fabulous anniversary trip to Seattle, a place we'd never been to before. The hotel was stylish and the best deal we could find for a downtown location (booked flight/hotel in a package through Expedia at the Hotel Monaco -- stayed in a suite for less than a standard room anywhere else!). Weather was actually enjoyable and fairly dry for early March. The highlight of the trip was definitely the food."
From CD Flack: "Like a lot of working mothers, I'm fed up with Christmas shopping, baking, decorating, cooking, and all the stress. I want just one Christmas where I can go away with my family and let someone else do the work. My kids however are of the attitude that it won't be Christmas unless Mom does the usual shopping, baking, decorating, cooking (they don't understand about the stress!) Any suggestions on how to convince them a trip is a better idea?"
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