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Nestled between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica is rich with diverse opportunities for travelers -- from beach activities such as surfing and diving to ecologically minded expeditions through rain forests and other natural wonders.
Promising fun for the entire family, camp programs combining sports, science and nature programs put parents and their kids together for educational and physical adventure.
As I was on a group humanitarian mission, there was little time to wander on my own, and practically no chance to speak to locals. However you go, you'll be dealing with a kind of dream world, caused by the feuding between the U.S. and Cuban governments, in which you travel on a level that has nothing to do with the real Cuban economy.
First it was food, then blankets and pillows and now it seems that flyers have to pay extra for legroom. If the airlines have their way, soon passengers will be pouring their own coffees from beverage dispensers and being charged for the privilege.
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Take a rainforest hike in Costa Rica
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Reader's Voice
From rlrife: "A group of friends and I are graduating college in May and want to take a trip. Some want to go to the Caribbean, and some just want to go somewhere to party. Is there anywhere in the Caribbean where you can lay on the beach all day and party all night?"
From nhlazl: "Are there discount airlines from the US to Europe that are not included in the various search engines (e.g., Travelocity, Sidestep)?"
From exm7: "I am from the USA and will visit Peru in May. Can anyone suggest a favorite Peruvian dish to try? How about fruits not found in the US? Thanks!"
From girl.tripper: "My boyfriend and I are planning our first trip to the Dominican for late May or June 2006. I signed up for Cheapcaribbean.com's e-mail newsletter (which I read about on Frommers.com), and I get a ton of great deals from them. Thing is, I'm a little skeptical. Has anyone used this site to book a trip to the Dominican Republican?"
From cbehrlich1: "I'm interested in finding a program offering a two-week Japanese language course with a homestay around Nagano-ken, Toyama-ken or Kanazawa-shi. I have some flexibility regarding this trip so any suggestions would be more than welcome. I would probably go in the autumn, perhaps in late September."

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