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Now mom, dad and even grandma can join in on the fun of endless activities, movies in the mess hall and head counselors as many major nature organizations and small private camps offer a wide variety of family summer camp excursions.
Before you head northeast this summer, read up on the latest museums, shops and more in the Pine Tree State.
In Glen Canyon, on the border of Arizona and Utah, Mother Nature herself is reversing what founding Sierra Club director David Brower called "America's most regretted environmental mistake."
No need to empty your wallet. Here are the top 21 ways to enjoy the Sunshine State without shelling out the big bucks. The most expensive item is ony $10.
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Enjoy summer camp with the whole family!
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Reader's Voice
From Anita Cocktail: "Just got an E-mail today that Delta is no longer having food for purchase on their Delta flights. Also, they have raised the price of drinks from $4 to $5. Instead, they are providing snacks on their flights. Does anyone know why? I thought the food for purchase was something most people liked. I noticed that American Airlines were flying people from Miami to Hawaii with just food for purchase. Just curious."
From Scott Ferris: "Having recently returned from Banda Aceh, Indonesia as a volunteer physician, I was distressed, to say it mildly, to see and meet a number of tourist who came there to see the disaster. No news or photo credentials nor health professional licenses. Just wanted to see the disaster. Some even pawning themselves off as healthcare workers without documentation, and upon questioning, didn't even know basic medical terms or facts. It is sad that there are people who gravitate to a disaster site, to gawk at the victims and are of no use to the relief workers."
From ljayhow: "Just got back from 6-night winter stay in Paris with my wife. It was our first visit and we absolutely loved it. Our 2 biggest fears headed to Paris were the cuisine (believe it or not we live in NYC and have never experienced French food) and the reception of Americans by the French. I can tell you that without exception the people were all wonderful and accommodating."
From dblkb: "My wife and I will be in Waikiki and Kauai in August and would like to do one Luau. Can anyone recommend one?"
From tommytt99: "Every time I read the forums it seems like everyone except my wife & I are either going to or coming back from a vacation & ...I'm jealous! So I've decided to take an unscientific poll & ask all of you out there in vacationland how often you go in a year's time. This includes weekend getaways. Thanks!"

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