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You don't expect a rhinoceros to be so dense, or a baby elephant to be so cute. And you don't expect to feel the same excitement you felt as a child every time something new and wonderful happens.
This week's major round-ups unearths last-minute specials to Paris, Bogota & Punta Cana; longer-term sales to London, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Delhi and Mumbai; plus student discounts just in time for spring break and a couple of secret sales.
While the rest of the world can come and go, Americans are greatly restricted on how and why they can visit Cuba.
As we head into our spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, our cousins down below brace for fall and winter. Most tour operators stop offering outdoor adventures to Patagonia and the glaciers in May. Don't despair though -- we've managed to track down a few that do.
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On Safari in Kruger National Park
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Reader's Voice
From soosas1: "We were in Culebra for 4 days in February and, thanks to this message board, we found everything we wanted. It's definitely better to go from San Juan to Culebra by a 30-minute plane trip than a 5-hour cab/ferry trip; of course the plane was twice as much ($184 for 2 versus $80 for cab plus ferry).
Click on for readers' responses to our recent column on the myriad ways airlines are raising the bottom line a few dollars at a time.
rom Blossom: "My husband and I are nearing the purchase of our airfare to London, which at the moment is going to cost right at $1,100 per ticket with Delta. With the dollar being so weak is traveling in England pleasurable? We are planning to stay 12 nights; 1 night in Rye, 3 in the Cotswolds and 8 in London allowing $150 per day. Does this amount sound about right? Should U.S. travelers seek other options right now?"
From storytellerkp: "Just returned to the States after 34 days traveling Belize volunteering; what an amazing experience! A suggestion: When you travel to Belize try to bring a few things to share with the children and/or adults. Anything you bring will be deeply appreciated."
From kalpikothai: "We are planning on taking an escorted tour to China this fall. From reading the forums, I know shopping at the tour stops is not wise. I would like to know if anyone neutral has any suggestions on where to shop for good quality jade and silk carpets (and other expensive souvenirs) in China. Is bargaining expected in those stores? In general how much of the asking price are you supposed to start with and settle finally? We will be visiting Beijing, Guilin and Shanghai. Any suggestions from tourists exploring on their own and not subjected to forced shopping trips are especially welcome."

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