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Whether you're looking to get away with a loved one for the holiday or book a late trip home, last minute travel websites have solid deals for trips departing later this week.
The generous people of Stowe do something extraordinary every year -- they literally open their town up to cancer sufferers and survivors for one weekend a year, as a celebration of life, spring and renewal.
Houseboats have the same sort of appeal as treehouses or genie bottles: They make a magical experience out of the mundane human need for shelter.
One-hundred miles off the coast of Sicily on the way to North Africa, Malta is an island deep-rooted in early Mediterranean history -- virtually every ancient world power crossed its shores.
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Spring Season Travel Deals Abound
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From Kimmy: "A few months ago I was on a website that listed all Las Vegas restaurants that were food inspected by the county health department, and the outcome of these inspections. I think this website has been removed. Does anyone know if this type of info is still on the Internet, for Las Vegas?
From Steve10: "Maybe a sensitive subject here on the Frommer's Board, but with all of the available travel books, are there some books that are better than others for the most useful travel information? I have just bought the Frommers for France and Italy, because for what I could read in the bookstore before purchase, they looked like they had relevant information (lodging, food, tour sites, translations, etc.). Just curious what others think."
From Sianne: "I'm going on a trip to Southeast Asia and Australia and was wondering which two lenses would people bring with them? I love taking photos of people as well as landscapes and have a Nikon SLE. Also, I'm going to be gone for 6 months and want to get my film professionally developed, any suggestions of labs?"
From Tricia Conklin: "Has anyone bought and used tickets bought on eBay? I have found Disney World Meal Ticket Vouchers and Park Hopper Plus tickets for sale and am hesitant to do so, as I am afraid the 'Disney Police' will confiscate any such tickets when I attempt to use them! If you have had experience in these areas I would greatly appreciate your input."
From lynn-bell: "Everything I am reading says that pubbing is the thing to do in England. Are there any rules about having big kids in pubs? Are they more like restaurants or bars? If kids aren't allowed, is there any other way to capture the experience of pubbing? One more question, is smoking allowed in restaurants and other public places? I cannot stand the smell of smoke, so this is important! It's illegal to smoke in restaurants in Florida and most public buildings."

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