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Wildlife buffs already know all about the sensation that is British Columbia in spring and summer, but for those people who only consider B.C. as a winter destination for experiencing the best skiing and snowboarding, take note -- there's so much more for you to see and do once things start warming up.
Bonjour from France! This week we begin a three-country trek through Europe following the path of Dan Brown's novel (soon to be a major motion picture), The Da Vinci Code. We begin in Paris; if you want to come along, make sure to keep an open mind, bring your book and your sleuth gear.
An outing in the desert can rival the unfamiliarity of an African safari, a float down the Amazon or an expedition to the Arctic. Believe it or not, North America has four desert regions, all different in characteristics and elevation.
Designed as a way for cancer patients, survivors and close family members to come together and learn, relax, and support one another in a beautiful setting, the event has grown from a small celebration to attract national attention.
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From gillam: "I started to book a frequent flyer ticket for a friend who thought he had 63,000 miles with United. I had booked him flights a little over 3 years ago and also knew he had over 63,000 miles. However, we were surprise when the account showed 0 miles."
From good2sail: "The trip between Barcelona and Nice is at least 12 hours. I'm a single female traveler and I've never spent the night on a train, I'd appreciate some experienced advice. Which class? Which rail line? Any other information is much appreciated. Thanks!"
From Karen Keleman: "I am hoping to find my dream beach in the Caribbean or Bahamas. Can you help? I know there have been many postings to find the best beach. But I am being more specific, because everyone's idea of a great beach might have different criteria . . ."
From mlrplast: "We're arriving April 1 and would like suggestions on great eats. We are big breakfast eaters, and we're looking for gourmet quality. We would like to enjoy some local music with dinner one night. Any suggestions for that? We are staying at the Westin Riverwalk and plan to be on foot."
From TCP64079: "I am spending six days alone in Shanghai in May. I plan to stay at a four or five star hotel. I know China is the world's largest consumer of dog and cat meat. However from what I read, cat is mostly eaten during the winter months and in the south. How can I be sure that I don't order or I am not served dog meat or snake in a local restaurant?"

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