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Even with the dollar's plummet, it's still ahead of South Africa's rand and can get you a bargain on a four-star escape in the southern hemisphere.
After "Aida" in the land of its birth? Discover the companies that cater to opera aficionados who would travel the world to hear the perfect aria.
The best new restaurants, hotels, bars and spas, as well as great new tools -- like MP3s and GPS -- to check out before you go.
Campgrounds are found on the outskirts of nearly every major European city; indeed, some European cities have as many as a dozen such camps in their outlying areas.
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Iguazu Falls
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Reader's Voice
From mdlkbirder: "Looking for insights as to other islands we might visit and/or stay on that would include hiking to a volcano and other good outdoor type of activities."
From Pollie: "Has anyone been to or heard of these French language schools in France? I'm specifically looking for an all-inclusive package with food and lodging taken care of."
From skylinedrive: "We are taking our honeymoon in Charleston mid-June of this year. We will be staying at the Harbour View Inn."
From golfprobrad: "We have heard some negative comments, but are curious if these are being fixed by the new renovations."
From tigerontour: "My girlfriend and I are going traveling next year to Asia and then to Australia for a few months. I've got plenty of questions."

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