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Despite the natural splendor that makes tourism the top industry here, most of the islands -- even parts of Tahiti -- remain unsullied, thanks to the normally prohibitive cost of reaching this remote destination. We've found some ways around that.
From a quickie 2-day outing from the west coast to a more serious adventure down to Antarctica, we've found the cheapest deals to get you where you want to go on the water.
Anyone who's recently had to fill up an SUV's tank knows: gas prices are going berserk. Now imagine if you had to fill 'er up with 5,000 gallons at a time, and you'll understand the pain the airlines are feeling.
It's here. That moment in time when the weather turns warmer, when the base of snow on the big ski mountains hasn't melted letting you can ski your favorite slopes in nothing but jeans and a T-shirt.
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From LOTRHP: "Hi All, Please recommend your favorite place in Montreal to get delicious crepes. Your insight is appreciated!"
From Tom Trevor: "I have generally been an independent traveler; however, with Egypt, I decided to play it a little bit safe. I booked an '8 Day Super Saver with 3 Day Nile River Cruise' with www.gate1travel.com, and I was very pleased."
From alohaft: "In July 2004 my husband and I used United miles for two tickets on Aloha Air to fly from Honolulu to Rarotonga. At the end of December, Aloha cancelled all it's South Pacific flights. When I called United, I was told that the miles would be added back to our account, that the taxes we paid would be refunded and that the $100 processing fee per ticket would be waived, as the flights were cancelled by Aloha. The miles were indeed added back to the account but the taxes weren't refunded, and we were charged $100 processing fee per ticket."
From time2travel: "We rented a houseboat for a week and went around the 1,000 Islands area between the US and Canada. We had a fantastic time. Our first time, we went with our 2 boys who were 13 at the time and the second time we went with adult friends. Both times were great."
From kmccourt: "What is the best way to call home while in Europe? When I was in France five years ago, I remember not being able to use the calling card I had because I kept getting a recording that my call 'could not be completed as dialed' -- both my travel companion and I read and followed the directions but couldn't get it to work. Luckily, she had a different card that worked. I will be travelling to England, Belgium, Germany and France in May."

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