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Best of London Gallery: See other Frommers.com user photos and share your shots of Parliament, the River Thames, and more of the city's picture-worthy sights.
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The tickets our reader buys for a vacation to Tanzania are refundable with a change fee, but she doesn't know the fee is a quarter of the cost. Is she going to lose thousands of dollars?
The island nation of the Maldives announced this week that it intended to become the first country in the world to go carbon-neutral.
Camping doesn't have to be about roughing it in the elements, smelly sleeping bags, and surviving on tinned food. Here are five ways to see the softer side of the great outdoors.
When the weather turns warm, New Yorkers get on the elevator and head to the roof. They're rewarded with magnificent views, cooling breezes, and refreshing (if overpriced) beverages.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: New York City
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From kiwiboy: "I am from NZ and am traveling to Italy in May. I read that they will be filming the sequel to Twilight in Montepulciano. Does anyone know some more information about this?"
From 156jim: "We are seniors who are planning on taking this 11 day train trip via Advantage Travel in June 09, and wonder if any of you have made this trip, and if so - any recommendations."
From teachertraveler8: "I am traveling alone to Spain next month and staying in a small village. My house rental is already paid for. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations about how much money to bring?"
From europebound09: "I've made the flight from the US to Germany many times and I'll be making it again for Oktoberfest in Munich. I cannot sleep at all on planes. I have tried many things, but never medication."
From jconn33: "Has anyone heard about or stayed at the Springs Resort and Spa in Arenal? Are the views of the mountain and the thermal pools worth the high price to stay at the hotel?"

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