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Two budget behemoths have started a battle royale to see just who can get you across the pond for the least amount of money. We know Americans are fighting the urge to travel right now, even domestically, but these prices are unheard of for packages in the springtime. We seriously suggest you consider these deals. Both companies are practically giving these trips away.
Once again, the quaint resort town of Stowe and the Vermont Cancer Network are sponsoring a weekend strictly for people who have or have had cancer and their families by giving away free hotel rooms for the weekend of May 2-4, 2003.
It used to be called the Second City, but Chicago is becoming Numero Uno in tourism with its highly innovative string of programs intended to lure travelers to the place. (It was called the Windy City for its bloviating politicians, by the way, not for thermal drafts.) But get a load of these two programs, lasting through the end of summer:
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From Hans Lehmann: "Three of us are planning to go to China in March/April 2003. We will have guides in Beijing, Xian and Guilin. My question is this: What is the normal amount each of us tips the guide per per day? How about the driver? Please let me know."
From Robert Tosh: "I'm a happily single guy interested in solo or solitary travel and I'm not finding too many resources out there. I am not interested in 'singles' travel, not interested in tours (especially if I have to share a room with anyone), and not scared off by the dreaded single supplement (while hoping that in some places it doesn't apply). I like to travel to experience new cultures, totally on my own---and the occasional R&R trip to a deserted beach wouldn't be bad either. Any Web resources out there that I should check out?"
From Colleen Trinko: "We just completed a fantastic trip to Ireland planned through Sceptre Tours. Their customer service during the planning stages was outstanding. Unfortunately, three members of our group could not go, and we requested refunds in February using the waiver insurance. I leave voice mail messages when I call, but calls are not returned. So far no refund. Any ideas?"
From Julian Sanchez: "I wonder if anyone else has had this experience and what eventually happened. I was doing some research on one of the biggest hotel booking websites - a well known and reputable organization. I clicked on a 5 star hotel in Barcelona and put in some dates I have in mind for early March 2004 unsure if the rates would be available. Lo and behold the site returned rates for my dates in 2004 of 1.79 Euros per night. It has to be a mistake, but it was there. I clicked reserve this room, filled in my information and gave my credit card number. Everything went smoothly ending up with a confirmation number and confirmed reservation for those dates at that rate. I printed it out."
From Jordan: "Hi! I am looking for an excellent spanish immersion program. there are so many out there. I need to be able to speak Spanish, and basicly have no skills, except some minimal ones to get by. Has anyone taken one of these courses or does anyone have advice on who is the best? Thanks!"

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