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Temperatures drop, and so do the airfares, which are starting to dip below $800 roundtrip before taxes and fees.
It's never too early to plan for Mother's Day weekend, whether it be as simple as serving her breakfast in bed at home or taking her on a cruise aboard the world's biggest passenger ship. Come to think of it, any celebration taking place outside the home needs as much advance preparation as you can manage.
Air travel is usually something we mull over, think about, and spend a good chunk of change on. That goes for "cheap" fares as well as expensive ones -- $300 may be a great fare to get to Europe with, but it's still a bit of an investment for most people. Right now, though, there are a slew of fares under $100 out there for domestic round trips.
We've got a Beatlesesque hotel stay in Montreal, a summer-long promotion in West Hollywood, and off-season savings in Disney's Florida resorts in this pastiche of travel opportunities.
We've found the best deals currently being offered by a handful of major travel agencies. Book as soon as possible to reserve your spot.
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From Edward Watkins: "We are planning a trip to Lewis & Clark country this summer. We plan to fly to Bismarck, ND and start there. I've studied the Lewis & Clark trail somewhat and understand that much of it between Ft. Peck, MT and Great Falls, MT is difficult to access although there are a few sites which are better than others. We would appreciate hearing from those who've 'done' the Trail concerning what should not be missed and what can be skipped. We also plan to divert and go to Glacier National Park and, later, to Yellowstone."
From Teresa Hall: "We received a package with some 'free' vacations to choose from that had to be returned within 21 days of the date of issue. We sent in some processing fees that were charged for each one we chose. For instance, one was Two free airline tickets. One trip was to either Las Vegas for 2 days or another location and that included the hotel. One we chose was for a cruise. The other was to a resort for a week, mainly paying for the hotel stay. I am just wondering if anybody has heard of this, done anything like it and what your experiences were with it. Any feedback would be most appreciated. We ended up spending $179 in processing fees."
From Ryosuke Takahashi: "Currency exchange rates vary on a daily basis. This puts electronic products at an advantage over print items. What's your favorite interactive currency converter? What features do you like about it?"
From Barbara Gregory: "Would love to hear from people who have taken their young grandchildren on Elderhostel trips. I have seen a few that allow 7 year olds which is the age of our oldest granddaughter. Do you feel that you had a worthwhile experience? Thank you for any feedback."
From Dharm Guruswamy: "I have to take issue with Sascha Segan's criticism of Amtrak stations in Atlanta and St. Louis. Firstly, Atlanta's train station is much closer to downtown than the airport. Also, while it is not connected to the subway there is frequent bus service to the Arts Cetner MARTA station where one can transfer to the subway for free. As to St. Louis, it was always an interim station. However, it does function well. It's within walking distance of a light rail station and almost as close to downtown as the restored Union Station and it offers free parking."
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