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For purity, tranquility and sheer beauty, nothing can surpass Alaska. While summer is peak season, especially for wildlife based tours and activities, spring and early fall can also be exceptional times to visit the last frontier state and many tour companies offer significant discounts.
Turkey has more history than most freshman year history classes could ever cover. With an occidental and oriental side, Istanbul might be the most peacefully dissected city in the world. Then there's the Turkish coast, now known as one of Eastern European's chief beach vacations with well-priced hotels, attractive people, and out of the way havens where Turks and western tourists can truly escape.
Here's a roundup of the changes that have occurred on Kauai since the last edition of Frommer's Kauai.
We've provided you with an exhaustive list of agencies and organizations that can assist the disabled traveler.
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From Happynmex: "I just returned from 32 days in SE Asia. Two and a half weeks was spent in Vietnam. I am a 67 year old woman travelling alone. I used the backpacker hotels, busses and tours and always felt safe and happy."
From TRAVELINGAL: "Three of us will be staying on Maui in late April. We'd like to just make a day-trip to Honolulu, but the airfare is so very expensive. Best fare we found was $140 rt EACH. Then, there is the car rental on top of it."
From kellyessman: "Hi-I am trying to plan a 2-3 week trip this Sept/Oct that would somehow incorporate Cape Town, Okvengo Delta, Chobe and Vic Falls, and have come across reasonably priced packages with GAP, Djoser and Adventure Center."
From: "Has anyone been to the Pantanal in Feb? I realize it is the rainy season. I was curious as to how rainy the rainy season is."
From lhuepper: "At the end of June, my husband, myself and two daughters (ages 16 & 19) will be traveling to Australia to meet our 21 yr. old daughter who is studying at the Univ. of Queensland. We will be in Brisbane for 4 days, Cairns area for 5 days & Sydney for 5 days. We want to see as much as possible and make it fun for the girls."

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