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Late-breaking deal to Ireland: Go-Today's 8-day Fly n' Drive starts from $369 out of the east coast or $539 from the west. Visit the product page by clicking here. We'll report in depth in Wednesday's Newsletter.
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When the snow melts and the snowboarders jump on skateboards and hot chocolate is replaced by iced tea, the winter wonderlands don't become any less wondrous.
Next time you're traveling for more than a week and have to leave your own wheels at home, don't sign that rental contract until you've looked into the agency's long-term rental program as well.
Chicago is a city of outsize proportions -- big buildings, big winds, big pizza, big hot dogs, and tons of big, round smiling faces. You could land in Chicago with no specific agenda this spring and summer, but a little planning goes a long way to getting the most out of Chi-town.
Situated at the center of the Mediterranean, the island of Sicily was once one of the great centers of civilization in the Western world. Everything here is different from the Italian mainland, even the hybrid Sicilian dialect and the many place names tinged with Arabic in memory of the island's long-ago conquerors.
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Reader's Voice
From Geraldine: "VRBO.com is a site that rents condos and apartments around the world for a few days up to months. I was planning to use them for accomodations. I would like to know if anyone has used this service and had any problems or just good results?"
From guardianfairy: "I'm keen to visit NZ but am struggling to decide between the North or South Island. I'll be staying for 3-4 weeks and working part time at a hospital. Can anyone suggest which is the 'better' of the two for this kind of trip in terms of things to do, places to see etc.? Beaches are especially important to me."
From Ellen Wilson: "I am thinking of taking a much needed two month sabbatical during November and December. Can you recommend good places to go rent a small house, not have to use a car, be within walking distance of a swimmable beach and still live cheaply? Central American and Asia localities would be of much interest."
From thecherla: "Does anyone have any tips to share on finding trustworthy house-sitters? My family will be traveling for 6 weeks in the summer and need someone to care for all of our animals. Not sure where to start or how this works. Any advice is truly appreciated."
From CaliforniaGirl: "Hi we are visiting New Orleans in April and wanted to rent a car and maybe drive down the old river road and check out a couple of Plantations. Does anyone know if it is a nice drive and what other sites might be of interest along that route. I hear the Oak Alley and Laura plantations are the best."

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