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This eight-night springtime package takes you to Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos well before the summer tourists descend.
Code shares are lies the airline industry tells to make their lives easier. They take one airline's flight and stamp another airline's name on it. Here's what's wrong and what's right with the practice.
From getting pampered to losing a few pounds, escaping to a spa retreat or a boot camp could be just what you need to get ready for summer. We've rounded up a few places that will help you shape up.
There's no need to settle for a mediocre vacation. From using a travel agent to embracing social media to find -- and punish -- the worst hotels, here are four ways to save your next trip from itself.
Discover not just fine dining establishments but some of the best local markets, cooking schools, seafood shacks, and vineyards.
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Hoi An, Vietnam Hoi An, Vietnam
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Reader's Voice
From martafa: "I'm going to Japan (Tokyo and Osaka) in April, and I would love to take some cooking lessons. I've checked the web, but it seems difficult to find English-speaking teachers."
From Elizabeth Davis: "Should we exchange some money while at the airport in London or wait and exchange it at the airport in Cape Town? Will the exchange rate be any different?"
From WMegs5: "I wanted to price out what private drivers would cost and compare it to renting a car for nine days. We recently got a quote that would be near $700, which seems pretty steep."
From awhittle: "If our plans to vacation to Bora Bora collapse, and we must stay closer to home, what location in the Caribbean would we find almost as breathtaking and relaxing?"
From robin Torodor: "Any suggestions for night tours of London? Where can I have a memorable dinner? I also don't want to spend much on the hotel since we're leaving early in the morning."

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