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Whether you are after authentic culinary delights, three thousand years of history, architecture or culture, China is the perfect destination for the discerning traveler. In the low season, prices plummet and you can find your way to the mystical Far East for much less.
What could be better than springtime in Ireland -- home to a thousand shades of green? How about a fly-drive package there in May for $364? Sound too good to be true? Well, stranger things have happened -- especially in Ireland of late.
This spring and summer, many good deals to the region are bringing travelers back in droves.
Any island country with the mantra "No Worries, Man" sounds good for a vacation in the sun. As high-peak season in the Caribbean comes to a close and packages and fares get slashed to lure travelers to island paradises, Jamaica leads the way in all-inclusive travel packages.
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Great Wall of China
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From Randy Carlson: "Travel insurance policies have numerous options for Medical/Dental and Emergency Medical Evacuation, but I haven't seen any statistics that suggest how much of these coverages is considered adequate for incidents occuring during travel. Is $50,000 medical/dental enough? $100,000? For emergency medical evacuation back to the U.S. is $100,000 enough? $250,000? I've even seen $1,000,000. That ought to cover medical evacuation to another planet as far as I'm concerned."
From tommytt99: "First of all, Thank You for all of your responses!! This forum has such a great community of people, I'd love to meet all of you! Ok, here's another question for all of you. If you would, please describe to me what going on vacation does for you physically, mentally, & emotionally both during & after the vacation. No, I'm not a psychologist or in college working on some report. It's just personal curiosity since I do most of my tavelling vicariously through the articles & posts on this website."
From gwstokes58: "I will be in Chicago in April staying at the Chicago Fairmont. My daughter is attending a conference, and I will be alone during the day. I need advice on what to see, what tours to take etc. I am not timid going about alone by myself. Any advice about what to do during the day, shopping (a good thing), transportation etc.? Also, good restaurants for lunch and in the evenings. I have the Frommer's tour book but would like personal preferences from others."
From Kidstolondon: "There is a new scam, apparently legal, that Americans and others are encountering when using credit cards overseas. It is called dynamic currency conversion. Here's how it works: You use your US-issued VISA or MasterCard to rent a car in England (or to pay for a meal, or other purchase). The rate is quoted in British Pounds, but when you go to pay the bill, it has been converted to US Dollars. Sounds convenient, right? Wrong! The merchant has probably used a very unfavorable rate or added a high currency conversion fee to the transaction."
From I love England: "Has anyone taken a fishing trip to the Amazon Region. I would be interested in how your trip went and the name of the company with whom you booked your trip."

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