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Our destination: The Black Hills, that mystical section of far western South Dakota that the Lakota Souix called the Paha Sapa, "the heart of everything that is."
Our weekly catch-all of the best fares available includes some doozies for major Europe cities (how's an under-$500 round-trip tick to Spain sound?), reasonable offers to Asia and the Indian subcontinent, plus Delta's new routes.
It's been a while since I visited the City by the Bay, and I had almost forgotten how beautiful and outdoorsy it is. If you want to come hiking and see some great vistas, pack your weekend bag -- we're off to San Francisco.
These podcasts are especially useful for the independent traveler who doesn't like shuffling along in a giant tour group on someone else's schedule. We've rounded up the noteworthy ones -- and most are absolutely free!
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Crazy Horse National Monument
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Reader's Voice
From Jerrodsman: "I will be in Toronto for a conference in mid-May. Any suggestions to experience the gay side of Toronto?"
From mlm9485: "I would love to do a volunteer vacation but I find that it is much more expensive to pay to volunteer than it is to pay to tour. Can anyone explain the discrepancy in cost or suggest a reasonably priced organization?"
From drexelius: "Besides the obvious Brussels, I need good ideas for sidetrips from our base of Brugge. We prefer not to travel more than an hour and a half each way if possible."
From FD Garcia: "We just returned from traveling to Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Copan Ruinas, San Pedro Sula and Roatan."
From bnlearle: "Four of us (two married couples from 23 to 25) will be crossing the border from Thailand into Cambodia. Any advice would be helpful."

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