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As the hotel industry reels from the current recession, you might be surprised to find some brand-new hotel chains out there while you're shopping for a place to stay in Las Vegas, New York, Houston, and more cities.
Disney has decided that in 2011 "Wonder" will redeploy to California, where the line is working with the Port of Los Angeles to finalize a two-year agreement.
Escape to a beach-front resort in sunny Mexico, take a weekend getaway to a very cheap Iceland, or chose from three other special offers to destinations around the world.
The U.S.'s bargain basement carrier pinches every penny, but they're still the right fit for the right type of traveler.
Our reader's travel agency goes bust without paying her hotel and the resort wants her to pay for her stay -- again. Can't her credit card protect her against a double billing?
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Las Vegas
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Reader's Voice
From redhead: "I have a reservation for April and I have read so many mixed reviews. The price was good."
From Edgar Sal: "Nowadays, every dollar counts. The quote for 14-day safari including airfare from NYC is $4,295 per person. I just want know if we are getting a great deal."
From Honourarybrazilian: "I'm looking into doing some volunteer work in Recife and/or Natal and then traveling to Rio to visit some friends. Can a bus or train be taken between Recife and Natal, and between Rio?"
From C1audiaGabriella: "We're on a limited budget. I hear the bus is the best way for us to see the main attractions there without getting ripped off. Does anyone know how that works?"
From marymarsh000: "We would like to spend the day at Chichen Itza, stopping for lunch, swim in the Cenote, etc. What is the safest, most economical way to do this?"

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