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Complete with prices and contact information, here's our roster of the best hotels, inns and B&Bs--even boats!--to put the family up for the night.
Airlines are cutting back due to war jitters from nervous would-be passengers. Here's a rundown of the most recent changes in flight schedules.
Whether you call it "Old Europe" or "New," there are mucho savings to be had, especially in the nation's capital with the new Madrid Card. The card costs you around $30 for one day, more for multiple days and covers your admissions to many attractions, fares for getting around and more.
If you don't mind calling yourself a senior, you can get a sweetheart deal down in St. Augustine this June. The senior in this case is the city itself since St. Augustine is the oldest town in America. Get it? Three-night stays can me as little as $99.
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Reader's Voice
Louise Kennedy--"I am planning a trip soon along with a friend to Los Angeles. We want to take a day trip to Catalina. I would be interested in hearing anyones experience of traveling there along with what type of transportation did they use. We'll be using one of the boats but have not decided which company yet to use. Which attractions on the island did you enjoy the most?"
Elizabeth Stolar--"Does anyone have suggestions for a mini-vacation in the Finger Lakes region? We will be there in August for a wedding and are staying at a B&B on Th-Sunday. Any must-sees in the Seneca Lake area?"
Riley Johnson--"On touring Glacier Park. Stay on the western side. East Glacier Park and area is not the most scenic area nor does it have the better accommodations. West Glacier and area is best. But, when doing the Going To The Sun Highway drive over the park, do yourself a favor and go from east to west. That is, go U.S. 2 from West Glacier to East Glacier and thence north to the beginning of the drive Many Glacier. Why? Because they are doing construction on this road for the next few years and the drive on the west to east side is all driving on the "open side" of the roadway. This can be very scary to first timers. Drive the east to west direction, and for the most part you are driving with the "wall side of the roadway" on your right. You get the same views, but without the scare."
Angela in Indy--"My husband and I are taking a week on Nordic Empress in 10 days. We are in our mid 30's and have sailed RCCL several times - always enjoying it. This ship is smaller than any we have been on. Does anyone have any info, good or bad, to share on this ship?"
Mary Wood--"My Greyhound story is over 50 years old. When I was a young girl (about 8 years old) in Arizona about 1947, my parents and I lived near Safford, Arizona and my grandmother lived in Phoenix, Arizona. My folks would flag down the Greyhound Bus at its stop across from our store (which was on the Highway in the middle of nowhere) and I would get on the bus and sit up front by the driver. I would ride all the way to Phoenix, where my grandmother would be waiting at the bus depot to pick me up. After a visit with her of a week or so, Grandma would take me back to the bus and put me on the bus to Safford--she always packed me a huge "lunch", with fried chicken, potato salad, fruit, homemade pie or cake, etc. Again I would sit by the driver and I remember sharing my lunch with everyone who sat around me. The bus would stop from time to time and various people would get on and off--we passed through many Indian reservations, so many of the passengers were Indians. Imagine a simpler time when parents were comfortable letting a young child travel alone on the bus, knowing that the driver would see that she was safe. I think back on it and marvel at how the world has changed."

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