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For the first few weeks after we arrived back home in the States, I could literally smell Morocco. It was emanating from the beautiful, handmade carpets my boyfriend and I had carried back with us and tried to air out in our apartment.
This week sees stunning sales from multiple carriers on flights to Asia and Scandinavia, a scattering of discounts for large- and medium-sized American cities, and a brand new inter-island carrier for Hawaii.
Its close proximity to the U.S. east coast makes it a natural choice for those looking for a sophisticated island destination with crystal clear waters, pink sandy beaches, world class golf and old fashioned British service. If you thought that a vacation to Bermuda was too expensive during spring and summer, think again.
She brought you into the world, so why not show her around the place? Several companies are currently promoting packages good for travel over Mother's Day -- this year falling on May 14. We've selected those that are worthy of note for their relative ease and low cost.
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From ariel: "I saw posts about motion sickness on the Amalfi Coast drive, but what about acrophobia? I love beautiful ocean drives but get vertigo on cliff edges. Does anyone with a fear of heights have experience doing this drive? Recommendations? Thanks."
From awdouglass: "We just visited Playa -- this is the 4th time we have been over the course of about 10 years. It is just not what it used to be. We loved the small town atmosphere with some charming restaurants. We always rent a house in the Playacar Phase 1 -- every inch of which is covered by construction. It is just too crowded, too 'cruise shippy' and not what we remember. Can anyone make any suggestions? A small coastal fishing village with house rentals?"
From mandyhum: "While enjoying the Olympics this year in Turin, it occurs to us that it would be wonderful to attend some events in BC in 2010. Does anyone have any tips? Is it possible to book lodging now? I'd appreciate any input."
From virgorising: "My husband and I are going to Vegas in early June and I've always wanted to stay at MB, mainly because of pools. I know it's way at the end, and expensive, but I've read so many really negative reviews, often written years ago, that I don't know if it's worth the $$$$."
From wegottago07: "Looking to charter a crewed sailboat to sail around the British Virgins in March 2007. Any recommendations? Any input, good or bad will be greatly appreciated."

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