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You can get by with an "aloha" and a mumbled "mahalo," but to understand what's really going on, you need to know a few basic words.
There's good news for non-smoking hotel guests: Properties are beginning to rethink their smoking policies across the country, with some banning the practice outright.
Gambling only makes up a fraction of a casino's allure. Whatever your style, these casinos may tempt you to up the ante.
In the face of the dollar's declining value against foreign currencies, there can be a bit of sticker shock while traveling. This monthly index compares the costs of common consumer goods around the globe.
Pack your bags and jet over to Amsterdam with this six-night package from Europe ASAP. With travel dates valid in April and May, you'll get there in time to see the blooming tulips.
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Wild mustard growing in Napa Valley, CA Wild mustard growing in Napa Valley, CA
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Reader's Voice
From travel_light: "Two friends and I want to do a backpacking trip in Big Sur this summer. Which areas are best to visit and camp at? What should we avoid?"
From MTG: "We will be visiting New Orleans for a few days in June. Do you need a car to get around and see the sights? Is it possible to visit a plantation without a car?"
From M.Chua: "Is January or February a good time to go to India? I want to avoid the heat and humidity when I'll be there."
From Heidi/Chris Italy Bound: "Someone told me that it was OK to barter in Italy. Is this true? If so, where is it appropriate? We'll be visiting Venice, Florence (Tuscany), and Rome."
From Kiki Hunt: "Where can I find a great place to stay in Key West? I want to get away from everyone and everything and just hang out on the beach, ride scooters, and chill with the family."

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