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Famous for its multiple theme parks and attractions, the city has so much to offer, from dolphins and whales to that famous mouse, and spring is the perfect season to experience the best for less.
Thanks to some slashed prices, both short and long trips are affordable and accessible to Americans hankering for those Greek islands, Athenian sites and an up-close look at the wonders of mythology.
As a new member of the European Union, Poland is still cheaper on the ground than European cities farther west. A number of air-hotel package deals are further lowering the cost of travel to Krak¿w, Warsaw, and Gdansk, during the spring shoulder season.
This year the city celebrates the birthday of its most famous citizen, albeit a fictional one. Miguel de Cervantes brought Don Quijote to life in 1605; both Madrid and Cervantes hometown of Alcara de Henares will honor both the creator and his creation.
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From lois_hall: "We just returned from Eastern Tours' Russia trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow. Overall, it was a great value for the money. We added on a layover in Finland for a week, flying into Helsinki, renting a car (over $400 for the week cheapest I could find & I'm a good shopper), staying at a condo in Airisto on the West coast, then drove back to Helsinki at the end of the week to start the tour. The Eastern Tour Office personnel were patient with our endless questions."
From tess+3: "I am really looking forward to taking my daughters, ages 5 & 7, on our first trip out of the U.S. Some other message boards mention great child friendly locations, but I am worried about the language barrier as I don't speak a foreign language and have never traveled myself out of the country. We love beaches, but I want to stay a while, 4-6 weeks and absorb some culture too. Cost is also an issue. Does this put Europe out of the picture?"
From cpalma: "We have been booked, our trip has been set and now 2 million other 'pilgrims' will be joining my husband and I on our Italian vacation. I know no one really has any experience to draw on regarding a situation such as this, but has anyone heard of places closing during the next 2 weeks that we should be aware of? like monuments, museums, or restaurants? Should we just expect to never see the Sistine Chapel? We're only there for 4 days (April 8-12). Anyone in Rome at the present time or that has any knowledge of what's happening over there in regards to the city shutting down/not shutting down? Any information would be appreciated."
From Bfriends: "Has anyone participated as a delegate with the People to People travel program? I have been invited to attend a conference in South Africa with opportunities for cultural and professional exchanges. I would greatly appreciate your input."
From bald0072: "I am going to Tokyo with a few friends this summer so we will definitely be visiting a few bars. I am concerned about ordering cocktails because of the language barrier. On a trip through Europe we realized that a lot of common mixed drinks in the US are not common in other countries. Has anyone found a way to cut through this language barrier at the bar and get the drink they want? I know this sounds petty but I'm very curious. Thanks for the help!"

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