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Much-loved discounter JetBlue has just started flights to the Dominican Republic, and that has American Airlines nervous. The result: A fare war to please everybody.
One of the fastest growing sectors of the travel market is that for family vacations to dude ranches where the kids can run far, fast and all the time, if they feel like, in the great outdoors. Many ranches have specific activities just for kids - in fact, any ranch worth its salt will have structures programs geared to children. Don't worry, though if you don't have kids (or don't want to take them with you) -- many have adults-only programs as well.
At a posh restaurant in Stowe, Vermont recently, the owner told me his busiest month was August, not in winter, when some skiers may not wander far from their digs after a strenuous day on the slopes. In any case, many ski resorts count on those snowless and skiless days that represent more than half the year for more income than before. It's fashionable, now, to use mountain spots at ski resorts and nearby for just hiking, wildlife viewing, biking, and otherwise simply having fun outdoors.
The government just handed out a bunch of new "slots" for flights into National, and if you're flying into DC you should be aware of your new options.
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Here's looking at you, Culebra!
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From Howie Kaz: "I've noticed when booking roundtrips from the USA to Europe the fares are generally higher even when using the same flights and dates. For example, I was looking at some flights from NYC to Spain that ran $528 roundtrip including all taxes. When I reversed it to Madrid - NYC - Madrid on the same dates I got a fare of 316 Euro including all taxes. That comes to around $440 and considerably less than the flights originating in the USA. I've checked this before on other trips, and I find it's generally the case that flights originating in the USA cost more than those originating in Europe. Since the same service is provided, it seems unreasonable that people flying from the USA should be paying extra."
From Gerri Keating: "Has anyone had any experience with this program (www.globalvolunteers.com)? They offer three-week trips to Tanzania [and other countries] to work with the people, and I'm interested in any feedback."
From crazyleggs: "My wife and I have just returned from Paris and I must say that it was the best week of our lives! We just simply fell in love with this city. It all started back in Dec 03 when I was shopping online for a flight home for Christmas as I was away on course. Once I secured my ticket, I began shopping for my wife's Christmas gift. As most men, I had no idea what to get her and I was running out of time. By luck, I ran into the last day of a seat sale at the Air Canada website that I couldn't pass up. After a quick call to secure a babysitter (my mom), I purchased tickets to Paris."
From Faith Coates: "We recently purchased a Frommer's PV guide that suggested a Rhythms of the Night Las Caletas trip. Sounded fabulous: Gourmet food, John Huston's hideway, romance, boat ride, etc. We gently suggest DON'T DO IT unless you are prepared for drunken tourists, sing-a-alongs and lousy food."
From Terah Shelton: "I'm interested in renting an apartment in either Rome, Florence or Venice for three months. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking a budget accomodations."

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