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As things start to heat up in the southern states in locations like Florida and Arizona, several car companies need to move their excess fleet to cooler northern and western destinations so they are offering discounts, incentives and upgrades to renters who are looking to do the same.
While on the family trip in Washington, D.C., let the "locals" show you how to get the taste of life in the capitol.
Cheers from the English countryside! We're in the middle of a three-country trek through Europe, following the path of Dan Brown's novel and upcoming major motion picture, The Da Vinci Code. This week we travel from London to Lincoln, England, slowly making our way up to Scotland.
With the dollar remaining anemic against the euro and airfares and hotel rates slowly ascending in price, it's a wise move to take advantage of combinations -- or to skip hotels all together and look for a short-term rental. We take a look at our current favorites for seeing either Paris, the Riviera or both.
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Reader's Voice
From jnrbarbiemom: "Can someone tell me if there is a typical month that you can usually look for a summer airfare sale. I am looking to go to LA in July from the East coast, and the fares are really high right now. Is there any hope for a sale (even a short term sale) that I could take advantage of? Would it be better if looked after after Easter? I just wondered if there might be a pattern to the sales."
From paggisamuel: "My wife and I just returned from Gyor, Hungary where I had extensive dental work including implants, crowns, bridges and a root canal. I was able to save 75% over the quote from my local dentist. The dentist was amazing and his facilities were very sterile and clean. The country is beautiful with excellent wines and cuisine. The prices are incredibly low in all kinds of stores and services. I would highly recommend them to family and friends."
From artiedog: "My wife and I just returned from 7 days in Costa Rica. What a great place! We flew into San Jose and took a Sansa Air flight into Quepos. The little plane was an experience. Not turbulent at all."
From partypoet: "Our trip to India and Bhutan began with a frustrating 35-hour flight from JFK to Delhi. Our Air India plane was delayed four hours, then we sat on the runway while they repaired an engine. When we got to Heathrow, we had missed our connecting flight, so we waited another 7 hours only to hear that there was a 'minor problem.' We arrived in Delhi the next day and discovered that 5 people in our tour group were missing their luggage which was left at JFK! But the adventure was about to begin. Especially in a land of karma, it was time to think positively."
From Avi8or: "We are looking for photo tours. Not sure if we are going with our own list of photos and doing the self drive or whether we will eventually get a guide. Maybe a survey, but just in case: What are the top 20 places you think one should photograph in Iceland (be specific, please, where is the best place for puffins, and which waterfalls)?"

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