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If you're optimistic about war jitters ending soon or are just plain ready to head off to Europe, then we have some deals for you, including doozies to London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and more.
Everybody nowadays has their eyes glued to Atlanta. Sure, that's mostly because of Atlanta-based CNN beaming images of its studio to the millions of Americans following war news, but we've got another story bubbling up from the capital of the New South: a tale of low airfares. (And even if you're not from Atlanta, these will benefit you. For instance, all of theses carriers are including several Florida destinations in their sales.)
There's a different kind of Gold Rush out west these days, one involving savings on hotel rooms and vacation packages. This may not be as exciting as claiming a stake and digging for a fortune, but it's a lot more civilized -- you won't get your hands dirty at all.
When the tourists stopped coming, Kaz Nakagawa got an idea. Formerly a tour operator for Japanese groups visiting California, Nakagawa's business had been battered by the war, the global economy and now SARS. So he had some empty tour buses -- and decided to send them to San Francisco.
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Reader's Voice
From Susan Heayn: "We have been going to the cape for the past 30 years and never get bored! Here are some of our favorite things to do."
From Mark Zilber: "I need help to put a trip to Switzerland. we are arriving on April 11 to Geneva and back from Geneva on April 22. It is our first trip to this country. We want to see as much as we could and perhaps take some great train rides. What is the best way to see the country at this time?"
From Norma Sheap: "We are booked on a rail tour from Toronto to Vancouver in July and must make our final payment by May 13th. We have read of anti-US demonstrations at some sporting events in Canada and wonder what the general attitude towards Americans tourists is and whether we should cancel this trip?"
From Pamela Bartlett: "We are looking for out-of-the-way, nature/wildlife experiences in New Zealand...any suggestions? And when is the best "off-season" month to visit? We read about some areas being host to 200 tour buses."
From Barbara Clayton: "We just returned from Belize on 3/17. We had a good time and would like to go back. We rented a car and headed for the south end of Belize. Punta Gorda was a very interesting town. Go the the Sea Front Inn for simple but nice accomodations. We also booked a Snake Caye tour and snorkle time with Roberto. He was very well informed about the ecological hapennings in the area."

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