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Ten new countries will join the European Union on May 1. For travelers, this means no more passport checks or customs lines when crossing between old and new EU countries.
Let's get one thing clear: right now is a good time to buy tickets to anywhere for May and June travel. We've covered several domestic sales recently, so we'll turn to a few great sales on fares to Europe and Asia today.
Some seasoned travelers swear by Tahiti and its associated French Polynesian Islands, others say nothing will do but Fiji. Whichever side you vote for, you should be happy with one of the morsels we're serving up today.
Here are the best deals a handful of major travel agencies are advertising this week. Cruises are capacity-controlled and offers may be withdrawn at any time so don't dally on your decision.
The East in general and China in particular likes to imagine its "exotic" qualities will attract foreign visitors, but sophisticated travelers no longer dream of just The Great Wall or red sails in the sunset -- or even the Forbidden City. You gotta get a gimmick, as marketers believe, and China is no exception.
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Reader's Voice
From Betty Holland: "We just returned from a wonderful 9 day trip to China using Gate 1 Travel. Since we had never used Gate 1 before and this was our first trip to China we were a little anxious; however, both Gate 1 and China far exceeded our expectations! The tour guides were great. They were very accommodating and every minute of each day was filled with wonderful sights to behold."
From Rob Wright: "I work for a school system so the only time I have to string more than a week off at a time is in the summer. I have been dying to go to the Yucatan to see the archeological sites but everyone keeps telling me that if the heat doesn't get to me the mosquitoes will. Are they right? Also, is there a way to structure the trip so that we can minimize the most brutally hot areas?"
From Brenda P.: "Basically, the purpose of this organization is to provide bedkits to children of any race and/or religion who will benefit most; typically being located in underdeveloped and developing countries. Each $30 CDN donation provides a bedkit that consist of a mat or mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net (if applicable), clothes outfit, towel and school supplies (bedkit contents will vary from country to country depending upon local needs.) Has anyone volunteered their time to go on one of these volunteer travel expeditions? I would love to hear any feedback or any other comments."
From Tricia Conklin: "Hi! Does anyone have any guidelines of what to tip at an all-inclusive dude ranch? We know that the wages for the wranglers and cowboys are very low but can't find any guide anywhere as to what to tip them, the waitresses, children's program workers, etc. Any guidance would be appreciated!"
From Jerry Jones: "I've been to NYC several times but I've never used the subway, mostly out of apprehension after seeing many TV shows and movies depicting horrible things happening on the subway system. I'll be staying in Manhattan at a hotel called On the Avenue but I would like to take excursions to Greenwich Village, Little Italy Chinatown etc. without using a taxi. Any tips or suggestions?"

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