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This summer, there are more than a few opportunities to peruse through someone else's discards in the form of long yard sales, which provide not only a unique road trip along traditionally less-trafficked roads in America, but one that requires cash on hand, a scavenger's eye and a gift for bartering.
Microtel is now the first chain of hotels where the central office has made sure every single hotel has a little-people accessibility kit designed by Direct Access Solutions, a company founded by little people.
Jeremy Sullivan of Parkremark.com joins David Lytle to discuss changes to the National Parks System during the off-season, talk about some issues facing the parks today including costs and construction, and also reveal some of the underrated and overlooked parks that offer a great experience without the crowds.
Take advantage of these combos that include -- at a minimum -- your air and hotel (some include rail travel, meals and more). Destinations include Orlando, Eastern Canada, Antigua in Guatemala, Tahiti, Australia and Japan.
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From diana143: "If you were a person dying to travel to Europe, anywhere in Europe at this point, but it's not even on your spouse's Top Ten list, where would you plan a trip to take the reluctant traveler that won't bust the bank? He loves beer and history, I love art. We both love great food."
From rosie36: "I'm a 36-year-old female who is burnt out and just decided to take a week off in April. I'm looking to go to either San Diego or San Francisco the week of April 16. My boyfriend can't get the time off and it's too last minute for my other girlfriends. If there are any women who are interested in meeting up at any time that week to see the sites let me know!"
From khutala: "My husband and I just returned from 8 days in the Galapagos. It was an amazing trip! Those of you who are contemplating it, if you like marine life, I would say this is the best marine adventure I've been on even without diving. I'm sure if you are a diver it is even better. The islands were incredible, but the travel agency called GalapagosOptions was not. I think they were the most incompetent group of people I have ever worked with before on anything!"
From peterj1137: "I will be 70 years old July 4, 2007, and want to go to England to visit my family. I have been looking at the fares from several airlines and am soooo upset at the cost of a seat. They run from $900 to $15,000! What in the world costs $15,000 for the same plane? I am on a fixed income and am only able to see my family every two or three years. This was to be my year. Does any one have any other options I might try?"
From chacker17: "I will be visiitng Austin with my fiance for Memorial Day weekend. I haven't booked a hotel yet. I'm looking for some suggestions. We want to stay in Austin and make it our home base. In the past we would always stay at Marriott, but the problem is that my fiance is a smoker. I used to always get a room with a balcony so he could smoke outside, but Marriott no longer allows that. Any suggestions?"

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