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National Train Day is coming on May 9, and with it, Amtrak has released a bunch of new discount codes that are lowering train fares nationwide.
Despite the losses, you stand to gain better things thanks to the ailing economy, like free Wi-Fi, better customer service, and unbelievable bargains.
Why is Switzerland so cheap? Why is a deal to the Ukraine a deal? Why do fares to Australia keep dropping? These answers and more in our weekly roundup of airfare news.
Ryanair is now sponsoring a contest to suggest additional fees for traveling on its flights. What are your best ideas?
Holland, Michigan is home to over six million tulips, an authentic windmill, a wooden shoe factory, and a week-long festival that celebrates Dutch heritage and culture.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Amtrak deals roll in
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Reader's Voice
From CelticTraveller227: "I have been reading all of the suggestions on this board and have put together this itinerary. My boyfriend and I are flying into Dublin and out of Shannon this summer."
From Allen Dearing: "It has been about 19 years since I have been. Last time I was there American dollars were in demand and we could use them easily. Should I forget the Shekles and stick with dollars?"
From beautiful living: "My husband is traveling to Vegas the first week of May for a boy's weekend. The plan is to share a room and there are four people going. Who has the best buffets?"
From mgonyer: "My wife and I will be coming to Nassau on May 20th for a week and staying at Sandyport at the end of Cable Beach. This is our first time to the Bahamas."
From etomidate123: "We are booking a six day trip to Belize. Airfare plus accommodations (breakfast included in the two days at Chaa Creek) is $1,493 per person including tax. Has anyone done a similar trip?

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