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Whether you go for the Duvel or the diamonds, the walled medieval towns or the open fields of blooming bulbs, Belgium makes for an ideal weeklong getaway in April or May.
Just a quick flight from the East Coast, Iceland has become a must see for travelers interested in culture, geology, adventure travel and the bizarre.
If you live and breathe tennis and cannot imagine a week without it, or you just want to work on your game, why not base your next vacation around the sport you love?
Three major world religions call the lands comprising Israel its Holy Land. Whether you're religious or not, Israel is a spectacular country, diverse in natural attractions and appeal. Don't let media images of the West Bank and Gaza overwhelm your interpretation of what it's like on the ground there. There is another lesser-known Israel, one of historical archaeological treasures, stunning beaches, world-class diving, lush green landscapes and a bustling metropolis.
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From jhj1969: "Can someone tell me what's the best way to enjoy Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) in Cusco? Our travel agent tells us that we can buy a package for $169 to get seats at the fortress but is there a less expensive way to see the festival? Thank you."
From Just got back from Turks&Caicos: "I've never written on a message board, but I felt the need to give you the scoop on Club Med. I really don't think it is worth going to for a honeymoon. The rooms aren't that luxurious and neither is the food. There is one restaurant that you have to wake up at 5am to make reservations for, and it is almost always booked. My favorite part was going on the excursions that weren't even run by Club Med. There are nicer places on the island by far!"
From katy lied: "Hi All, would like to discuss tipping in bars in the United States. On a recent visit to Miami after just arriving into a bar, a bartender came around the bar collecting tips for the 'day' bartender who was just going off duty. As we had not even ordered let alone been served by the 'day' tender, I felt it a little cheeky to be asked to tip her. What is the rule of thumb about tipping in bars? Do you tip per drink or just a leave a tip as you are leaving? Would love to know your views as I come from a country with a strong bar culture but not a culture of tipping."
From joboe: "My husband and I are planning our honeymoon in S. Africa for two weeks at the end of Aug/beginning of Sept this year. We want to spend a couple days in Johannesburg, a few days on a Game Reserve (I would love to see the Big 5) and about a week in the Cape Town vicinity, hopefully including the Winelands and the Garden Route. We have a very limited budget, about $5000-$6000 for everything. Should we try booking things ourselves or use an online service specializing in S. Africa? Does anyone have any recommendations for an inexpensive game reserve? Any ideas on how long we should allow for each location? Things that we absolutely must do/see?"
From crazycanuk: "We are going to be in Sydney in July for 11 days and are looking for suggestions on what to see/do while there. We were told that the Menzies and Intercontinental were good places to stay. Anyone have information to share? Thanks!"

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