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From daredevil sports to hair-raising haunted houses to wacky races, here are 18 high-octane experiences for both passionate travelers and adventure seekers.
The marquee-name destinations along the coastlines of Mexico usually get all the glory -- and the lion's share of packages and promotions. But there's more to Mexico than Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.
Is it stealing if you check out of your hotel with a stash of travel-size toiletries tucked in your suitcase? What about a bathrobe? Here are five simple rules to follow if you're not sure.
It sounds like it's going to be a big summer for bumping. But with the right tactics, you can make sure you get on your flight -- or reap hundreds of dollars in travel certificates for volunteering to get bumped.
Is there anyone out there gullible enough to agree that a "mathematical algorithm" can reliably distinguish between the honest and the phony recommendation?
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Arches National Park near Moab, Utah Arches National Park near Moab, Utah
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Reader's Voice
From Buckles: "We're planning to rent an Internet-less apartment in Rome. The apartment owner tells us we can buy mobile Internet for our laptop. How does this work with a Mac?"
From AGuyFromNJ: "I'm planning to visit Costa Rica in July with two colleagues. We want to explore by day and party hard at night. Where are the best places for singles to stay and drive?"
From Roxan: "I've never been to Florida and am planning a short trip in May or June. I'd like to stay in a beachfront hotel/B&B so I can step out of the hotel and walk to the beach. Any ideas?"
From Rachel16: "My three best friends and I want to go on a senior-year spring break trip together. We want to find a beach where we can relax and party, but that's not too expensive."
From jillktravel: "I am taking my mother to see a Sunday matinee of Wicked in April. She has never been to New York. What can we do in the Broadway area either before or after the show?"

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