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Latin Destinations brings us this week's smart deal to Costa Rica, a fairly independent trip to around the country for just over $1,000.
Los Angeles may not initially come to mind as a top romantic destination, but don't forget that it's the city of angels -- cupid's always lurking somewhere. Evidence abounds in the following 11 spots.
Your vacation can be made or broken as early as the planning stage. Pauline Frommer visits CNN.com to count down her choices for the top travel planning websites.
Surefire ways to keep track of your pictures and valuables next time you take a vacation.
Taking in postcard-worthy views with a beverage in hand is the quintessential way to kick back. Whether you prefer pinotage or rally around rum, sublime selections can be found in the most picturesque of places.
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Reader's Voice
From tbomidas: "We are struggling to make the decision of whether to stay six nights in Bora Bora, or three nights in Bora Bora and three nights in Moorea. I know it's a crazy thing to struggle with."
From tokyocarolyn: "I am planning a quick trip to Bangkok next week, but I am worried about the reports in the media. Does anyone living there have any input/advice on whether it is safe to travel to Bangkok now?"
From daphne77: "We want to go on Tuesday the 28th of April to catch our cruise the next day so it's important we make it. Is the upper Egypt bus company the only one that goes?"
From Stan: "I'm looking to travel to La Paz, maybe Loretto this summer for three weeks to fish, scuba dive, and take two to three weeks in a Spanish immersion class."
From MarleneK: "Our first trip to Chicago and we're coming from July 9-13. Our son is doing an internship all summer and is staying at the Watertower campus of Loyola at Pearson and Wabash."

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