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We were excited earlier when we attested the little-packager-that-could, OffPeakTraveler.com, to have the best spring deal to London we've ever seen. Well, there they go again, jumping across the English Channel and putting Paris on sale for a rate that elicits a passionate "Mon Dieu!"
It's a dire time in the airline industry. For some, that leads to desperation; for others, it seems to result in hubris. Either way, you save.
New York City hotels are becoming more aware of travelers' needs to save money, and they are quick to respond with innovative ways to help out including lower rates, a little on transportation costs and even a vacation giveaway.
Summer vacation is coming up, so why not take the kids to visit Grandma and Grandpa? Or vice versa, bring them to you. ATA and America West are both running sales on seniors' fares (a rarity these days of fiscal belt tightenting), and ATA has a sale for kids as well.
You can always count on a surprise when you visit the West, especially when you're looking for a place to sleep. In addition to rustic cabins and tepees, you can also slip between slick silk sheets in a Beverly Hills-esque glamour resort or doze away in a themed bedroom chockfull o' stuffed animal heads, mounted horns and the like. Here are a couple of low-priced samples on sale right now in the Western faves of Seattle and Las Vegas.
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From Marilyn Mullner: We are planning a trip to France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in May of this year. My question is: what is the best way to go about changing money? I have heard about using ATM's but I also heard that they charge $3 to $8 or more per transaction. Traveler's checks? I've heard that banks are reluctant to take them. Good old US dollars? Help, time is running out and I'm confused. Thanks."
From L M: "I'm planning a trip to Japan in the fall. So far, I've decided on Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko, Kamakura, and Hakone. What I can't decide upon is whether or not the extra expense to Hiroshima and Mijima is worth it."
From Carol-Anne: "A friend pointed me to Site59.com for some cheap, last minute vacations. I've had great success using Go-Today.com for booking trips, but was wondering if anyone has ever tried this company. Any thoughts or comments?"
From Kevin Abrahamson: "Be very careful about working with airfare.com. They now have alot of flights listed under major carriers on the Sidestep search engine. They are an airline consolidator based in Virginia. We recently tried to book a flight they offered on Air Canada."
From Lissa D" "I'm a female in my mid-twenties, and I'm planning to backpack Europe this summer for 4 months. I don't want to be labeled as an American too easily because I will be by myself, and I would feel much better if I blended in a little bit."

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