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For centuries, the way to get to the Bahamas was by ship. If you're used to flying to the Caribbean, you may be surprised to learn that the archipelago of sun-warmed islands is only an affordable two-and-a-half-hour boat ride from Fort Lauderdale.
You can find radically different forms of transportation throughout Asia. Joining the "cutting edge," look to South Korea, which just became the fifth nation to make use of its own bullet train (it debutted in Japan in 1964; France, Germany and Spain followed in its tracks). On a more traditional mark, you can journey through more rugged parts of the continent on camels and horses -- a throwback to the days before the internal combustion engine ruled.
To keep those hotel beds full during off-season periods, hotel owners and innkeepers will dream up almost anything, piling gimmick upon gimmick, even lowering prices when they have to.
It's been a year since Delta's low-fare spinoff Song took to the skies, and while they've been doing their best to compete with the likes of JetBlue, US Airways and Southwest, it's been tough-going for the lime-green carrier.
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Ride through Grand Bahama
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From Trish Eby: "I just returned from a fabulous trip to Greece, mostly spent on Santorini, where I rented a spacious and very comfortable 3 bedroom-3 bathroom villa, perched right on the caldera behind the church of St George in gorgeous Oia. I rented it through www.vrbo.com for only 1,000 euros a week (slightly more in July and August). It easily accomodates 6 guests in privacy and comfort. The village is fabulous -- great people, shops, food and scenery, and the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen. My entire group fell in love with it."
From Maureen Murphy: "Thanks again for saving us so much money when recommending China Focus tours out of San Francisco. It was absolutely the best tour we ever took. All 22 days for $2,500 -- no ad ons, excellent hotels, tour guides, sights, tons of food, fabulous airline connections. You know your stuff, China Focus!"
From Angela Bechak: "To add to your article by Sascha Segan regarding cheap European airlines: I just returned from a 3-week trip to London, Barcelona, and a couple of towns in Germany and used Ryanair on all those connections (5 flights in all). In each case the flight was on time; even if it left the point of departure a few minutes late, somehow the pilot always made up the time. And on each occasion we enjoyed a pleasant, non-turbulent flight. Perhaps a bit tight between the seats, but so was our flight to London from the US. The one problem, however, turned out to be that the baggage allowance is quite a bit lower than that for major US airlines."
From sunsetss@aol.com: "I will be using Contiki to go on two tours this year one to Australia and one to New Zealand. Can anyone tell me what to expect from a Contiki tour (hotels, people, tour guides, proximity to attractions, etc.)? Do they push the extra tours? Any bad experience with room sharing, and how safe is it? Any info would be greatly appreciated."
From John and Lyn Clarke: "We went to Nashville for two days last summer. We saw the Opry Mills shopping area and the huge hotel nearby, but that is it. We are going back again next month on a free timeshare weekend. What should we do or see? The entertainment book has coupons for the Loews Vanderbilt hotel and restaurant and Deer Park Inn. Has anyone been to either of these places?"

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