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The island offers year-round tropical Caribbean sunshine, pristine coral reefs, protected marine parks and the most abundant fish population in the Caribbean. Although best known as a diving haven, it is also a highly attractive snorkeling destination featuring arguably the best shore diving in the world with over 60 dive sites in easy swimming distance from the shore line.
Happy Easter and cheers from Scotland! In case you missed the past few newsletters, we're at the end of our three-country trek through Europe. We followed the path of Dan Brown's novel and upcoming motion picture The Da Vinci Code. This week we close out our amazing trip as we travel from Lincoln, England to Edinburgh, Scotland.
With this new service, the company finds the best value properties in Europe, suitable for travelers who are comfortable with managing their own airfare, transportation and other details. And the prices are remarkable.
This fundraiser kicks off on eBay in three batches auctioning travel items on April 15, 16 & 17, 2006 with all auctions ending on April 27, 2006. In all, 20 travel companies have contributed nearly 75 items to the benefit.
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Dive into Bonaire
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From albernfrau: "We were greeted in Maui with pouring rain and cloudy skies. We went and picked up our rental car (Chevy Malibu from Alamo; surprisingly this car had lots of power, a V6 but sipped fuel) and headed to Costco to buy groceries for our stay. Then we headed to our condo."
From Robin W.: "Well, four shows if you set your mind to it! My friend and I had a wonderful trip last week to New York; we arrived on Tuesday and left Friday morning. We stayed at Radio City Apartments on W. 49th St. and were highly pleased with it."
From yellow11: "As a side trip from San Francisco, my boyfriend and I are planning to visit Yosemite for the first time. We will be there in the middle of August and I know that the summer months in the park are very crowded - are there any lesser known spots that we could reach in a day hike to try to avoid some of the congestion? Are there any must-see spots that we should visit in spite of the crowds? Thank you for any suggestions!"
From Cornishb: "So I was looking for a cheap flight to NY this summer and I ran across Midwest Airlines. The ticket was cheap $288 round-trip but I have never heard of them. Has anyone flown them before? I guess at this point since I have already booked my non-refundable ticket on them it really doesnt matter but I wanna make sure I'm not flying on wing and a prayer airlines if you know what I mean."
From FD Garcia: "My wife and I are going to a wedding in Roatan, Honduras early next year. We have 21 days for our trip. Our plan is to visit Roatan for 2+ nights, then ferry/bus or Fly to Copan for 2 +/- nights. Take a First Class bus to Antigua, Guatemala and stay for a few days. Next, we will fly to Flores for three + nights. We hope to use Flores as a base to explore the area."

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