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Surrounded on three sides by Pacific Ocean inlets and bays, and backed by the snow-capped peaks of the Coastal Mountains, Vancouver is a dream destination for urbanites who can't live without their deep-nature fix.
"If you're one of those who file their taxes at the last possible moment, you've probably got deductions on your mind. When you can take a deduction on a charitable donation and get a vacation out of it, we've got to tell you about it."
There's a little bit of spring left in New Orleans, when it's not quite sultry and steamy yet, and plenty to attract visitors to its quaint streets lined with beautiful architecture, cafes, bars, and music, music, music. The party starts soon and continues in the Crescent City (so named for its shape, surrounded by water), through summer, and almost all of its festivals are music-oriented.
Check out Windjammer's marked-down outings and the usual roundup of the best sails at the lowest prices.
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From Firkins: "We are considering a venture to Branson, Missouri. We have heard that it is a fun place. This will not be an inexpensive motorhome or automobile trip for us. We must fly (and I haven't found any "deals") to Springfield, Mo. and then rental car to Branson. We are planning for one week. How about sharing your Branson experiences with us and any suggestions such as shows that must be seen, good places to stay and eat -- and their costs? Is it going to be worth our time and money to do Branson?"
From unknown: "My husband and I are planning a trip to Yosemite this summer. Unfortunately, I'm terrified of mountain lions and bears (mainly mountain lions). My husband would love to do the half dome hike, but I am concerned about the wildlife. Can anyone give me advice about his/her own experiences at Yosemite to ease my fear or justify my fear? Thanks for the help!"
From wrrllw: "We've been to Orlando a dozen times and really enjoy the key attractions; but each time, we also try to find something different to do, something new to try or somehere new to visit. (For example, last time in FL we went up to Winter Park, took the boat tour round the lakes and spent a couple of hours looking browsing the shops - a nice trip out, but not one which makes headline news in the tour guides). Any suggestions on those little gems that open up some different ideas about what to do?
From FlyinSolo: "Hello, I was wondering if anyone has spent any time on Fire Island? A few friends and I are thinking of going for this summer for a weekend/week instead of the usual Hamptons trip. How does it compare to the Hamptons? Is it a lot more laid back? Is it worth it? How are the beaches and getting there, etc.? Thanks for any help!"
From brutusmama: "We've rented a Hertz car for a trip in early May (one week). One curious fee listed is a 'vehicle license fee recovery' for $7.21. Is this a legitimate fee, or one that I would call 'made up' by the company? Any thoughts? Can I ask to have it removed?"

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