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Experts help debunk five common myths about bedbugs, so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation.
Escalating fuel prices mean sticker shock for passengers on international flights, who must pay fuel surcharges on top of already expensive fares.
Want to celebrate Will and Kate's big day outside of your living room? People all over the UK are coming up with inventive, sweet, or downright odd ways of experiencing the wedding day.
A bit rusty on your multilingual skills? Follow these practical travel tips for destinations when you don't speak the language.
Airfare sales from Frontier, Vision Airlines, and DirectAir for travel this spring or summer, plus which airlines have lenient cancellation policies within 24 hours of booking.
Sunbathe on a green-sand beach, stargaze from a mountaintop observatory, snorkel with sea turtles, and enjoy more unforgettable moments on Hawaii's Big Island.
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Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
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Reader's Voice
From teachertraveler8: "I am taking the AVE train from Madrid to Seville. What do I do with my luggage on the train? Is there a luggage bin or an overhead compartment?"
From jsun888: "I've heard warnings about taxis and tuk tuks in Bangkok trying to overcharge tourists but am unsure exactly how I should handle them. Any advice?"
From Valerie McKay: "Can anyone vouch for a trustworthy rental agency out of San Jose? I'm leaning toward the U.S.-based agencies but have seen a few other companies with good prices."
From liz321: "Any suggestions for a wonderful, dressy, top-notch restaurant in Paris? My husband and I want a special place -- even if it's expensive."

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