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This easy-to-use gadget lets you stay in touch cheaply whether you're in an RV, on the trail or in your hotel.
Still riding on the crest of the New Zealand popularity wave created by the glut of popular movies made there recently, tour operators are pushing and shoving to get your attention to their spectacular deals, intended to show off that gorgeous scenery up close.
This year, the Colonial Williamsburg Company has assembled some vacation packages that begin at more realistic prices than in the past, making a trip there more affordable and convenient.
Europe is warming up. Australia is cooling down. Our spring may be the true sweet spot for global fares, because it's everybody's shoulder season. Celebrating that global fare balance, we found good deals to foreign countries in both hemispheres today.
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From Joe N.: "In mid-February my wife and I traveled from Raleigh-Durham to Nice France using British Airlines; we just returned from a Holy Week trip to Spain using U.S. Airways. Both flights were using economy class at roughly the same air cost. Here¿s a look at the service provided by each on the major international component of the trips. For brevity I¿ll only discuss the U.S. to Europe portion.
From Donna Cuervo: "I am arriving in Brussels on Delta at 9 am and connecting on Iberia to Barcelona at 7 pm that same day. Since the airport is only 20 minutes away from the city, I will be spending the day sightseeing and shopping around the Grand Place area and having a nice Belgian lunch before continuing on to Spain. Delta says they prefer not to check my luggage through to Barcelona on a ten hour layover."
From Ilene Hailey: "I'm traveling with two teenage boys (14-16) to CR in June or July. We plan on spending 4-5 days inland and then another 4-5 days on the Pacific coast. Are there things that the boys just shouldn't miss? Thinking of an all-inclusive at the beach just because it is so easy for the boys to do their own thing. Would that be a mistake? Should we stay in Tamarindo or someplace else?"
From Denise Bradshaw: "Are there specific days of the week or days of the month when new promotions are announced? In past years, it seems like US-Europe promotions have surfaced around the 1st & 15th of each month, with appropriate travel windows. I'm going to France in May, and am holding out until the 16th to purchase my ticket with the hopes of finding a sale, preferably on Air France for FF purposes. But I am getting a little antsy, as there didn't seem to be any promotions on the first of the month!"
From Colleen Donovan: "I live in Albany, Western Australia, having returned after 25 wonderful months in Gainesville, Fl: my 18year old Daughter is still living in Gainesville and I will be going to visit her in November, for 8 weeks. We have never celebrated a "White Christmas" This factor, I know, cannot be guaranteed, however, we would love to travel somewhere, where Christmas is celebrated to the Max and the possibilty of snow is a great possibility: either USA or Canada. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, please."

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