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Piedmont offers a little bit of everything: Skiing, wine, culinary delights, biking and outdoor activities galore, a bounty of natural beauty, and, of course, history.
There's a fare war for flights to Hawaii, domestic U.S. bargains from Southwest, a list of airline regulations we need, and more deals and news in this week's roundup.
Pauline Frommer visits CNN to share things to do in Los Angeles for both movie and TV buffs and travelers who want nothing to do with the entertainment industry.
When someone says she's promoting "the world's largest music festival," then says it's in Milwaukee, the skeptic in you asks "Says who?" But judging by the 2008 event, it's a hoot, and maybe a holler.
Are lousy tourists sinking an entire industry? Here are five ways bad travelers can ruin the fun for everyone.
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Reader's Voice
From Kristin Chandlee: "I am looking for a sample itinerary, as I have never been farther north than Duluth. My husband and I are planning on spending 5-6 days. We are in very good shape in terms of the distance we could cover."
From Scipio: "I have a few days at the end of May when I will be in Italy and I may have to decide between seeing Capri or Ischia. Can anyone help me decide which please?"
From Randi3525: "My best friend is having her 50th birthday party in August at Sand Dollar Estate on Magen's Bay in St. Thomas. I have offered to research grocery stores, wine shops, activities, and car rentals."
From Anchondo: "We are taking an Insight tour. Just talked to someone who got back from Egypt and their review was discouraging. They said everyone on their tour got sick from the food. They also said that Egyptians hate Americans."
From gayleypopp: "We have 3 young kids 6 years old and under so will stretch the drive to 3-4 days. Any recommended towns/attractions to stop at that are not too far off I-95 on our way?"

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