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Spain has a rich architectural heritage with magnificent historic walled cities and some of the finest preserved castles and fortresses in Europe. Spain's "Paradores" are a stunning collection of mainly four and five-star restored castles, monasteries, convents and palaces, designed to maximize luxury without forgoing the antiquity and integrity of the building.
The intrepid sleuths at Airfarewatchdog.com have uncovered some fantastic fares, plus they offer advice to frequent fliers about the recently announced Delta/Northwest merger and to the sardines suffering from economy class crunch.
Bart Everson's room rate at an Alabama resort includes a big surprise: a $166 "cleaning fee." The fine print in his reservation mentions a fee, but doesn't say how much he'll be charged. Should he still have to pay?
The 50th State has just obtained an important blogger, a critical chronicler of its foibles and trends. In www.beatofhawaii.com, two recent transplants to the Islands are uncovering all the secrets, disclosing the less attractive developments, showing the shady side of travel to and within our own tropical paradise.
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From Jsimi: "I am getting married in September. My fiance and I are deciding between a few islands in the Caribbean for our honeymoon."
From FlowerChild425: "I swear I have spent hours researching the various hotels in Phuket and I still haven't figured out where to stay."
From jlosman: "I want to go to Peru by myself for a few weeks. I am a 30-something female experienced traveler."
From boscia8: "I am taking my granddaughters, 12 and 13, to Chicago by car this summer. Any ideas for things to do and see besides the normal museums?"
From Baileysburgchook: "I am wondering if anyone over 60 has taken this trip. Any suggestions as to which travel group would be best?"

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