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Founded in 1905, as a humble water stop for steam trains shuttling between L.A. and Salt Lake City, Las Vegas is celebrating it hundredth birthday on May 15. With scores of special events and spectacles in the works -- including a 130,000-pound birthday cake -- Sin City is eagerly counting down the days.
Croatia's travel industry has quickly revived, finally availing its treasures to Western travelers, who were barred for decades by the Iron Curtain even before the more recent civil strife. For American travelers, Croatia is still off the beaten track.
Continue on with an exploration of castles, cathedrals, the site of a future Olympics, food and more.
Used to be Costa Rica was this remote, isolated getaway where travelers went to escape cell phones and city malaise. Even though the little country that kick-started the Central American travel craze has become one of the world's top tourist destinations and a seasoned player in accommodating hordes of travelers, it hasn't lost its appeal for first-time travelers.
This summer, take advantage of the travel deals to Seattle and the low air specials and wireless boutique hotels to see what all the fuss is about.
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Reader's Voice
From galan98: "You've taken that trip to your dream destination. You've seen the sights, hit the highlights. You're getting around on the local transportation, eating, drinking and shopping off the well-beaten tourist track, to the point that you're starting to feel almost like a local yourself, except for one thing. You haven't met anybody. Great, but how to do that?"
From Bruce Burns: "Noting the tragic fire in Paris this week, I was reminded of attending a show at the Follies Bergere in that same city. This very old theatre was full to the extent that they opened up fold down seats at the end of each row effectively blocking egress for a panicked crowd should an emergency arise. Here are some tips for surviving a fire while traveling."
From CEL: "Hi! Just got back from Bali the beginning of April and it was fantastic! Wonderful people that were so welcoming and gracious. We saw many lone women travelers & it seemed like a very safe place with very little crime. My boyfriend & I stayed in Ubud but wanted to do some diving so we just took the 2-3/4-hour drive by the dive shuttle both times, and it was well worth it!"
From Gina Piero: "A friend and I traveled to Italy - first time for us both. We are size 16 and size 18, 5'10" and 5'11". We are fashionable, well groomed and hip. Some of the stuff we read on this site before departure left us expecting that the Europeans would be throwing stones at us because of our weight. As it happened, many of the men were throwing themselves at us."
From Gail54: "We are landing in Denver on a Sunday and leaving Denver on Friday, so we have four full days to visit this great state. Any suggestions on what is a must to see and what we realistically can see in four days? I am trying to put a driving itinerary together but everything seems to be such great distances from each other."

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