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Even though it's pleasant year-round, prices actually start to dip as we glide into spring and summer for travel to the Hawaiian islands. Here's a healthy sampling of current savings, including a stunner air and hotel combo for departures out of several Midwest and eastcoast gateways.
A new codeshare raises questions about a carrier's safety record. Here's what you need to know.
Although prices are going up for travel to Europe (we're heading into summer, after all), there are still bargains to be had, if only you look and look and look. We've done the looking for you and have come up with these truly budget-priced stays in Italy.
RoadPost's rental plans are targeted at travelers who are going overseas for more than a week or two, but who don't want to have to bother with buying a local phone and a prepaid cellular chip (and are willing to pay a little extra not to bother).
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Maryelle: "I have a savings only account no VISA attached to it. My daughter has a savings/VISA account. Just got back from France thinking everything was o.k. until my daughter looked at her savings account and thought money had been stolen from it. What had happened was that since our accounts are linked all my ATM transactions defaulted to her VISA savings account and my withdrawals were taken out of her account."
From Elaine Hruschka: "We would greatly appreciate some commentary by anyone knowledgeable about renting a small power boat (sleeping two or four) for a couple of weeks vacation oozing through the IntraCoastal Waterway, Florida and Georgia, preferably. We're starting our research here at Frommer's web site. Appreciate any help you veterans of the waterway can give my husband and me."
From Beth Redmond: "Hi, we are a family of six with four young kids that have visited Manhattan on three other trips. We are looking at staying for a week this summer in Brooklyn in a condo or home rental so we can spread out (and it is cheaper than Manhattan). Can anyone tell me more about Carroll Gardens and Park Slope and give opinions which might be better suited for a family?"
From crabapple: "Is anyone familiar with the rules of the AAA international driving permits? On their forms, it says you can mail in the application for the permit -- but my local AAA office says that since 9/11 people have to appear in person. Since the permit is useless without a drivers license, this seems a bit like overkill to me. I know that you don't need it if you are a tourist. However, I am trying to obtain them for residents of the Czech Republic who do need the permits as they are in Czech for longer than 90 days."
Russell Brooks: "My computer got wiped out recently, and I had bookmarked a great article on Americans who go to small villages in Italy and live with families for 3 to 5 days. The main goal is to just sit and talk about the United States, it's people and customs etc. There is a thirst for knowledge there about America. Hope someone can help me remember the group that sponsors these trips."

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