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Although these countries may share a common location on the globe, they are all unique locations with specific indigenous cultures, customs, history, cuisine and attractions. What each does share is affordability and hospitality.
Berlin continues to draw tourists with its high energy, low-priced offers and the wonderful outdoor events that dominate the city's streets and parks through the summer and spring.
We left off last week in Edinburgh after completing a Da Vinci Code movie tour. Getting back home via Newark was an adventure, but I made it in time to attend a star-studded Hollywood party and take a quick golf outing to Arizona.
In spring and summer, New York City swells with visitors, but as it gets hotter, residents often start heading for greener, quieter and less congested pastures. During the warm weather months there is no shortage of activities in New York -- both outdoor and indoor -- to lure you. We've rounded up some hotel, airfare and package deals, along with suggestions for free events and activities to do in the city's many parks, museums and streets.
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From arijacgom: "My family just came back from a 12-day affordable tour to Thailand via Gate 1. We were two adults and two teens, ages 11 & 14. Basically the entire trip was fine. The tour guides and bus transportation were excellent. The experience was wonderful, but we did a lot of tours by ourselves. Gate 1 hotels were fair to very good. My biggest complaints was that they have a very low price to this destination but have too many optional tours."
From Ridgegazer: "Can anyone recommend any good but inexpensive places to eat in Phoenix area -- Mexican or Southwestern cuisine, 'Old Phoenix' type places, diners, etc. that my 2 teen girls would enjoy? No chain restauarants, please; We are thinking more the type of places that where locals eat or places that have been there for ages."
From ms02: "Which island is the favorite for Christmas? My husband and I have not been to any of the Hawaiian islands and would like to visit for Christmas of 2007. We have a window of six days and will be leaving from the Pacific Northwest. We are in our early 50s and like our privacy but don't mind the big crowds every now and then. I don't have the slightest idea where to even start planning this vacation -- any ideas or recommendations will be appreciated!"
From Megan G: "Last year, on Mother's Day, I was in New Orleans for the first time for a whole 36 hours. I planned what I wanted to do and see and for the most part it worked. This year, I'll be in Atlanta for the first time and possibly, again, for only 36 hours."
Naie: "I'm planning to travel to England, Scotland and Ireland next February and March. My budget should be around $4,000 (US). Is it doable if I'm staying in small B&Bs and no hostels? Any suggestions?"

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