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In a country where the king just pardoned 7,000 prisoners on the occasion of his son's circumcision, lavish celebrations and feasts are part of the welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists alike.
Like the whirling dervishes of Mevlevi -- the Sufi mystics descended from the 13th-century Turkish poet Rumi -- your head will spin with all there is to see and experience in the ancient land of Anatolia.
Are you a carefree student-type, looking to travel the breadth of our fair nation this summer? Check out Independence Air's new GLiDE Pass, which gives you unlimited flights between May 1 and August 31 (with restrictions) for $249, plus about $20 in taxes per flight.
Icelandair recently changed their booking system, and the new website reveals some marvelously low fares for travel to the land of the Blue Lagoon, the midnight sun and all-night parties.
Yes, it may be fall in Australia, at least through May, while it's spring here. From June through August Aussies experience winter, with the average temperature settling around 55¿F.
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From theresac: "I have a flight booked for July on delta. I booked online in February choosing exit row seats as they were available. Since making my reservations the airline has changed my seats three times, twice because of flight changes, taking me out of these 'premium' seats. Each time I have called the airline to get my seats back the agent has been able to correct the situation. I made this reservation six months in advance and chose the flights based on the exit row seat availability. Any helpful hints from other travelers who have experienced this?"
From mjroethlin: "We're planning to be in the area of Olympic National Park in late June and would like to spend a few days there. Has anyone suggestions for where to stay and what to do?"
From Lord Steyne: "I am trying to get to North Cyprus. I will be flying to Istanbul for 5 days, then would like to fly to Kyrenia for 3 days. I am having a very hard time trying to find flights, as there are few airlines that fly to N. Cyprus. It seems most of the flights I find are package holidays from the UK. I live in New York City. Americans don't seem to travel to Northern Cyprus, and no one in the States seems to know how I can get there. Any ideas?"
From kmccourt: "My 11-yr old niece's favorite restaurant in the US is Long John Silver's. She's excited to try real fish 'n chips when we get to London next month. Where should we go?"
From World Citizen: "I highly recommend Kennedy Space Center. Take the full guided tour. You'll go where the others don't. Plan your time to see both IMAX movies, especially the 3D IMAX movie. It was the best IMAX movie I have ever seen. You get to see a full size shuttle and the real first pod used to land back to Earth. I spent all day there and still did not see everything. I also recommend an airboat tour and an animal safari in South Florida. The animal safari is east of Palm Beach. The airboat tours to see the Everglades is east of Fort Lauderdale and Miami."

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