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A steal of a deal to St. Thomas, a bargain escape to Tahiti, and three more deals to destinations around the world.
Fair fares? What's your reaction to United Airlines' decision to charge some obese flyers extra?
When our reader checks in at the Hertz counter in Zagreb, she's told more insurance is mandatory even though she was fully covered before her trip. Should Hertz provide a refund?
So you're headed to London again, or maybe even Paris. They're great, sure. But if you're looking for an alternative to save money or expand your horizons, try one of these second cities.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: St. Thomas
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Reader's Voice
From addris24: "Is Heron Island the best place for us to stay? We want a nice resort that has scuba available. Do you think it is worth going to Kangaroo Island?"
From Frank Reed: "We visited China (on a China Focus tour) three years ago and were looking for a tour for second time travelers that would not spend half the time in Bejing, Xian and Shanghai."
From CrisC: "We are going in August. Staying in a time share unit called Kona Billfishers. Any opinions on the place? Would like to spend three days on Oahu. Any advice on hotels? Beach location is not a factor."
From Angela24c: "My fiance and I will be traveling to Puerto Limon via the Holland America cruise in November. Will it be easy enough to get off the ship and make our way into Limon to catch a bus/transfer up to San Jose?"
From syousie: "We are not too sure yet where we want to go when there, we have 10 days. We are between the ages of 28 and 33, and want to see some really cool places and camp."

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