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The right hotel can often make all the difference when it comes to really making the most of your vacation. Or in the case of the British website Unusual Hotels of the World, your accommodation may be the actual destination or reason for your trip.
Spring and summer are ideal seasons to get in touch with your 18th century self and visit Williamsburg. For families, it provides a unique history lesson for parents and children alike.
Ciao! This week we finish up our amazing trip to Italy as we tour Italy's second largest region, Piemonte, and its capital, Torino.
Although Barbados's high season officially ended in mid-April, two of this British West Indian islands' best music and street festivals won't take place until the end of this month and late July.
Puerto Rico remains one of the closest and easiest escapes from the United States for a tropical release. Beyond San Juan's big casino hotels and Old San Juan's cobblestone streets, outer Puerto Rico offers surfing, jungle exploration, natural mysteries such as Vieques' phosphorescent bay and charming smaller inns.
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From apontmax2000 "We fly frequently, I book far in advance and mostly online. However, I have yet to figure out as to how the airlines assign our boarding sequences. Sometimes we'll be #8 other times #3 or 4. It seems to be random. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with paid seats or FF seats. At first I thought it had something to do with the location of the seat, but I see people with seats in the rear board as #8. Does anyone know what the secret to the boarding sequence is all about?"
From Camerone: "I'm going to be traveling through Mexico, Central and South America for 8 months. I have an SLR, and digital is not an option (I just don't have the money). I'm wondering what to do with my film for such a long time. Should I risk getting it developed there, or wait till I get back? How should I store my film, I won't have access to a fridge all the time. Help!"
From spookrepitus: "I'm expecting a baby in December. My husband and I want to go on one last trip before baby turns our lives upside down. We'd be going in July, August or September (5th-7th month). Usually we take trips that involve a lot of hiking but I'm not sure what I'll be up for. My other concern, of course, is putting the baby at risk (i.e. infectious disease) and having medical care available in case of an emergency. Has anyone here traveled while pregnant? Any suggestions?"
From elejoh: "I will be in Hungary (near Eger, Tokaj) in May/June and would very much like to be able to attend a folk music evening with Hungarian costume, music and dances. Is anyone familiar with such things?"
From Judy McDonald: "My husband and I just returned from Grand Circle's 19 day trip called 'The Crossroads of Turkey.' We were delighted with the trip and Turkey turned out to be a remarkable and very safe destination. For a little over $1500 per person, we toured most of the country, had most of our meals included and had what I would classify as five star accomodations outside of Istanbul. For that astounding price, which also included airfare from NYC, we saw Capadoccia, Antalya, Izmir, Canakkale and of course Istanbul."

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