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Have you used Priceline? Frommer's is looking for both good and bad experiences with Priceline for a new book. Whether you've used them for hotels, air fare or car rental, please share your Priceline triumphs and gripes with us! E-mail pricelinebook@saschasegan.com with your name and your experiences.
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For trips departing the US between June 1-20, these are the best fares you'll find right now for Ireland in late June. Fares are the same to Dublin and Shannon, and they seem to be unevenly available right now (in other words, some dates have sold out.)
Our column on Delta and Taiwan's China Airlines is still causing a stir, so we thought we'd mix things up a bit with a deal from Taiwan's other international carrier, EVA Air, a privately-run airline that hasn't had a fatal accident since it started flying in 1991. From Taipei, they fly to LA, Seattle, New York and Vancouver in North America, and shuttle passengers on to Bangkok, Fukuoka, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Penang, Seoul, and Singapore in Asia.
As the number of travelers to the Caribbean drop off over the course of the next several months, tourism officials begin kicking discount promotional schemes into high gear. Recently, we reported on programs for Barbados and Jamaica, plus a scattering of specials across the region. Today, it's all about Puerto Rico, with its lively and steamy rainforest, luminescent bay and Bacardi rum.
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Culebrita off Puerto Rico
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Reader's Voice
From Jon K.: "I am flying out to Vancouver this June on NWA for my honeymoon. I have always heard about people being upgraded to business or first class for their honeymoons. Does this still happen? If so, any suggestions about how to make it happen?"
From Noreene Sweeney: "We just flew back from Amsterdam after booking a Go-Today package. Our flight was to go from AMS to Dulles and then change to PHL, but I noticed United also had a direct flight about the same time. I waited until we reached the service desk at AMS airport, approached the clerk, and he indicated I should check with US Air, their code share partner who actually operated the direct flight. Surprisingly, tickets for three were exchanged with no mention of service fees (like we hear in the US - $100 and up!) and we saved 4 hours on our total trip. When you have to go to work the next day, that sure makes a difference! Has anyone else found that it is possible to make itinerary changes without charge from the European end of it?"
From Louise Schutte: "My friend and I are wanting to get away this summer. I have been to Cancun by myself and absolutely loved it. The water is beautiful, and there is a neverending amount of history to the area, but I'm not sure if I want a repeat visit at this time. We are not looking for a beach destination, solely, but would most likely prefer a coastal location. We are mostly interested in the area -- what do the locals do, what is their history, etc. Any suggestions? I was hoping Puerta Vallarta would fall into that category, but I am not so sure. Ecotourism counts as an educational trip too, so if anyone has taken any tours outside PV that are worth going to, we'd like to hear of those too."
From Lisa Coburn: "We need to relocate to Europe, but are concerned that our 8 yr. old Bulldog may not survive the trip if going in the cargo area. We are willing to pay a little more to ensure his safety, but obviously cannot afford to charter our own plane. Is anyone aware of non-cargo alternatives to flying with a dog too big to fit under a seat?"
From Mary Haslam: "The tour group was composed of people who booked with Friendly Planet and Smartours. Le Passage handled all of us (32 people!). When arriving in India I became quite ill and called the hotel doctor. I was taken to a private hospital and cared for with medications and IV's for 12 hours. I was released to go back to my hotel room where I spent the next two days recuperating. The tour company was WONDERFUL. They came to see me in the hospital, sent a basket of flowers and upon my release from the doctor to travel they provided a van, driver and tour guide that took me from Delhi to Agra to rejoin the other 31 members of the tour group."

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