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Many visitors have been discouraged from vacationing on the lush island of Phuket, mistakenly believing that it was wiped out by the December Tsunami, and tourist arrivals have dropped dramatically. But savvy travelers know to find a good bargain and they are slowly but surely returning here.
After their long, grueling winters, it's hard to keep Canadians housebound come spring and summer. Once spring is in full swing in Toronto -- our northern neighbor's largest metropolis -- caf┬┐s buzz and parks teem with the city's 4.7 million residents. Most notably, outdoor festivals abound.
The road trip is a quintessential American experience, just like apple pie and baseball, and now is the time when your fellow citizens start pulling out the atlas and begin tracing their fingers over possible routes.
What better way to end a day spent in a hot car or air-conditioned truck than a skinny dip under a secluded waterfall?
A lot is going on this summer in the wonderful world of roller coasters. The tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world is set to open any day this spring. Roller coaster websites and fan clubs are going strong, spreading the fun and preserving the history of roller coasters worldwide.
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From Suzwi: "Looks like I will have to let my 11-yr old daughter fly alone with a connection in Dallas. Does anyone have any experience with American Airlines and Children Flying unaccompanied?"
From europebound: "Rail Europe prices are listed in US dollars. If you are Canadian you must pay in Canadian dollars, which they exchange at $1 US = 1.45 CDN -- a ridiculous rate of exchange."
From cherie1: "I'm thinking about surprising my husband with a weekend birthday trip this summer to Kentucky in honor of his appreciation for fine bourbons. After some research, I have a rough idea planned, but I was hoping for a little insight. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated."
From sku: "Planning a trip to Switzerland in September. I know there are many scenic trains that runs from different points. Has anyone experiences any of these trains and which ones are worth it and which ones are not worth it. We are going to be there for 7 days."
From avidt: "I just got back from Egypt (April 8-17, 2005). I'm a woman who traveled solo. In a separate post, I will provide contact information for tour guides, hotels, etc that I would recommend without hesitation."

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