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Looking for a destination where the dollar is still king and you can indulge in being spoiled rotten without a hefty hotel bill -- then look no further than Bali in Indonesia.
We've rounded up cost-cutting options for park passes, airfares, hotels -- and combinations thereof for enjoying America's premier ersatz destinations.
Several packagers are serving up affordable air and hotel combos for travel in peak season Greece. Some are even throwing in cruises to help you get around the islands.
Kia Ora! From that Maori greeting you know I am in New Zealand. How exciting is that?! If you want to come for the ride grab your camera and sense of adventure, because we are about to travel to Middle Earth and visit one of the most special, beautiful and crazy countries in the world. And we're flying there in style!
Here are some of the best deals a handful of major travel agencies are advertising.
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Reader's Voice
From samathebay: "G'day guys, I'm a 25-year-old Aussie girl travelling with my 24-year-old sister in August or September next year. It will be our first trip to the US. As we still have plenty of time to plan our trip I was hoping to get ideas on any music festivals and/or great concert ticket websites I can research before we go. As a big music lover I would like to base our vacation around one or two great concerts. To satisfy both our tastes I think we should stick with Top 40 style music. If any of you are familiar with Australia's Big Day Out you'll know along what line I'm thinking."
From fredcarr: "I just had a tour company plan a tour to China for me. In the tour there were several visits to local homes. One was in Tibet, the other was in Guilin. Has anyone ever done this before? It seems a bit weird; is it worth it? Is it interesting? Or is it fake?"
From sunnyflies: "Where are the best places to go for breakfast? I remember going to a great crepe and omelet place three years ago, but cannot remember its name."
From DrLoop1: "My husband and I will be in Copenhagen for one night. Any suggestions for bars, clubs or discos? I guess it would help to tell you that we are both 28-years-old, and we will be arriving about 8 p.m."
From midwestaggie: "My wife and I are planning a trip the week of May 21 for 4 days and 3 nights with a budget of $2,000 or less total between two people. My wife has never been to the "beach" and would love to see it in all of its glory. We will be leaving from Atlanta and would like some suggestions on two things: Where should we go and what hotel or resort should we stay in? (My wife does not want to go the Bahamas or Jamaica! I am also concerned about Mexico with the results of Hurricane Wilma.)"

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